The boss of a decoration company in Guangzhou ran

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Guangzhou a decoration company boss runaway workers were paid to the owner to "settle accounts"

Guangzhou a decoration company boss runaway workers were paid to the owner to "settle accounts"

October 23, 2015

[China paint information] the decoration of the newly bought house has not been completed, but it was smashed by the decoration workers? A few days ago, Mr. Zhang, who lives in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, encountered such a worry. More than 3 months ago, Mr. Zhang found a decoration company from "Tuba rabbit". After paying the money, the boss of the decoration company ran away, and the workers who were owed wages by the company had no way to complain, so they went to Mr. Zhang for good protection and asked him to be responsible. Mr. Zhang reluctantly said that the decoration station stated that it would be responsible for the decoration team running away, "not afraid of the decoration company escaping with money", and hoped that the station could fulfill its commitment to customers and be responsible for their encounters

in June this year, Mr. Zhang bought a second-hand house in Taojin Huating, Taojin Road, Yuexiu District, and wanted to redecorate it with raw materials. He submitted decoration requirements in "Tuba rabbit", and then selected Guangzhou Yiyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yiyi company") recommended by the station

"I paid 40% of the decoration money to Tuba rabbit station as a deposit, and the remaining 60% was directly paid to the decoration company." Mr. Zhang told the new express that with the progress of the decoration project, he paid all the decoration funds in several times. To his surprise, on September 26, when the original decoration project was nearing the end, four decoration workers came to the door, saying that the boss of one one company had run away, owed them a total of more than 10000 yuan, and asked Mr. Zhang to be responsible. "I can't pay them. I didn't expect them to smash the glass door of my kitchen and the remaining tiles of the project." Zhang told Mr. insulation that the incident was finally calmed down by calling the police

Mr. Zhang said that Xiao, the engineering supervisor of Tuba rabbit, was involved in this matter. "At the end of September, Xiao asked four workers to write down how much wages they were owed, and pressed their fingerprints, promising to solve their wages in October." Mr. Zhang said that he thought the matter was over, but he didn't expect that Xiao called him the day before yesterday, saying that he could only return the deposit and terminate the contract, and as for the wages owed by the workers, "he didn't care."

Mr. Zhang is afraid to move to a new house because he is afraid of workers coming again. He can only spend more than 3000 yuan a month to rent a house temporarily. Mr. Zhang said that when this station was selected, it was because it promised to protect the rights and interests of customers from infringement. Now he hopes that the station can do what it says. Then log in to Tuba rabbit and see the slogan "not afraid of the decoration company escaping with money", and the insurance claim scope also includes "the money is given, and the decoration team is missing"

the worker non employee station cannot bear the salary arrears

Tuba rabbit station customer service sample deformation measurement: there are three ways: through displacement or large deformation, or small deformation measurement and control board:

in the afternoon of the day before yesterday, call Tuba rabbit Engineering Supervisor Mr. Xiao to try to understand the specific situation, but when you indicate your identity, you will hang up for convenience. Subsequently, the customer service of Tuba rabbit station reflected Mr. Zhang's complaint. The relevant staff of the station's marketing department said that after receiving Mr. Zhang's complaint, the station has not been able to contact the person in charge of the decoration company, and according to the contract provisions of both parties, the station will return the remaining 20% of the decoration project to Mr. Zhang in full. However, since the decoration workers themselves have no contracts and agreements with the station, and the workers are not employees of the station, the station cannot bear the salary in arrears. At present, the station will still negotiate with Mr. Zhang on this matter

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