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The owner of a chemical plant in Shandong "part-time" drug kingpin company made methamphetamine in the laboratory

a suspected drug dealer in Shandong was caught

recently, the Jinan police, with the cooperation of multiple departments and types of police, successively destroyed two drug making, trafficking and drug abuse gangs, destroyed more than 20 dens, seized hundreds of grams of all kinds of drugs, more than 200 kilograms of raw materials for manufacturing methamphetamine, arrested more than 100 suspects of drug making, trafficking and drug abuse, seized a large number of drug making and drug abuse tools, controlled four guns, one bullet, and withheld five drug transport vehicles...

in early April 2009, The anti drug detachment of Jinan Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses that jinmou and Chenmou from Jinan were suspected of major drug trafficking. The anti drug detachment quickly launched an investigation

during the investigation, the police handling the case found that the suspect Mr. Jin was an addicted "worm", lurking in the daytime and out at night, and his whereabouts were mysterious, which brought great difficulties to the investigation. After more than ten days of in-depth and careful investigation, the anti drug police initially mastered the basic information of Mr. Jin and his gang's drug manufacturing dens, the source of drug manufacturing raw materials, and the law of activities

on April 23, 2009, under the specific instructions of the leaders of the anti drug corps of the provincial public security department and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the anti drug detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau established a joint task force with most police types whose oil viscosity was too high, and named the case as the "4.23" system and drug trafficking case to carry out the investigation and strike work in an all-round way

with the continuous deepening of the investigation, the task force targeted the suspects involved in the "4.23" system and the drug trafficking gang case one by one, and the true face of the major suspect involved in the system and drug trafficking gradually surfaced. Kim (male, 32 years old, from Jinan, unemployed), MA (male, 29 years old, from Jinan, unemployed), Chen (male, 30 years old, from Jinan, general manager, engineer and legal representative of a chemical company in Qihe County, Dezhou)

manufacturing drugs in the chemical plant

the anti drug police took a variety of means to obtain information. At the end of 2008, Mr. Jin and Mr. Shao in Suzhou met through chat on the Internet. The two exchanged the technology of manufacturing methamphetamine on the Internet for many times, and 2. Sensor: the sensor is an important part of the accuracy and force stability of the experimental machine, and premeditated partnership to produce drugs. At the beginning of 2009, Shao rushed to Jinan from Suzhou and plotted with Jin to manufacture methamphetamine. Because they didn't master the technology of manufacturing methamphetamine very well, many attempts failed

afterwards, Mr. Jin and Mr. Shao learned poison making technology from Mr. Chen, general manager of a chemical company in Qihe County. After contacting Jin, Chen rushed back to Jinan from Qihe, and the three began to manufacture methamphetamine in the community where Jin lived. Due to the strong smell of the raw materials for drug production, it attracted the attention of the neighbors in the residential building. Chen proposed to make it in the laboratory of his company

later, it was agreed that Mr. Jin was responsible for purchasing raw materials, and the three people worked together in the laboratory of Mr. Chen to manufacture methamphetamine. In February, 2009, Mr. Jin, Mr. Ma and others successively manufactured more than 250 grams of methamphetamine at Mr. Jin's residence and the laboratory of Mr. Chen's company, and sold it to Shanghai, Wuxi and other places through Mr. Jin

"cunning rabbit three caves", Mr. Jin and Mr. Ma felt that it was unsafe to fix in one place to make drugs, so they took the way of changing places with one shot, and constantly changed the dens of making drugs

during the "May Day" holiday, the anti drug police timely obtained reliable information that Mr. Jin went to a chemical plant in Qihe County, Texas to extract "semi-finished products" for drug production

after the suspect Kim brought the "semi-finished products" of drug manufacturing into a household in a high-end community in Jinan, in order to find out the complex situation of the dens, the police monitored the suspect involved and the two drug manufacturing dens in Jinan and Qihe around the clock

At the beginning of May, after learning that Mr. Jin and others manufactured methamphetamine and began to ship it, the task force considered that the time was ripe for arrest

more than 100 police forces from Jinan, Dezhou and Qihe County public security bureaus took arrest actions in Jinan and Qihe at the same time, and an oversight law was launched

in a high-end residential area in Jinan, the first arrest working group blocked up the major suspect of drug trafficking, Kim, and captured him indoors. In the room rented by Mr. Jin, a large amount of methamphetamine, beaker, electric kettle, glassware and other drug making tools were found. After the on-site trial, Mr. Jin confessed the criminal facts of manufacturing methamphetamine in his rented house

after the first arresting worker, especially the impact of plastic bags on the environment, successfully captured Mr. Jin, the working group quickly rushed to a hotel on Beiyuan street to catch the suspect Mr. Ma. At the same time, another arrest working group sent a good report from Qihe County. The joint operation police arrested Chen, the suspect of drug making and drug trafficking, destroyed Qihe drug making dens, and seized a large amount of drug making tools and ice drug production raw materials

the anti drug police quickly rushed to Shanghai, immediately invested in the investigation work, and soon mastered the offline of Mr. Jin and the whereabouts of drug suspect Mr. Wang. After careful deployment, with the cooperation of the Shanghai police, the drug suspect Wang was arrested at the gate of a unit in Yangpu District and taken back to Jinan. At the beginning of August, the anti drug police successfully arrested the drug trafficking suspect Cui, who was offline in Tianjin until the sample was destroyed, and escorted him back to Jinan. At the same time, Zhao, a major drug trafficking suspect in Jinan, was arrested and brought to justice

so far, a large-scale and drug trafficking company that made methamphetamine in Jinan and Qihe and sold it in Tianjin, Wuxi, Shanghai and other places was completely destroyed

another gang has "all kinds of drugs"

at the same time, the "2.16" super large case of drug addiction and drug trafficking group has also been solved. This criminal gang has "all kinds of poisons"

the case was filed for investigation on February 16, 2009. The criminal group committed crimes over a long time span and involved many people. The criminal area is centered in Zhangqiu urban area and covers Zhangqiu City. It is suspected of selling drugs, luring, abetting, and sheltering others to take drugs, as well as smuggling guns, injury, gambling, prostitution and other crimes. After more than six months of careful investigation, the case launched a decisive attack a few days ago and achieved major results in the fight against drugs. More than 40 drug trafficking suspects were arrested in Zhangqiu and other places, more than 200 grams of all kinds of drugs were seized, a simulated gun was used, 5 drug trafficking dens were destroyed, and 4 vehicles involved were detained

up to now, the case is still under trial

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