The boss of a packaging factory in Guangdong swept

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The boss of a packaging factory in Guangdong took away 200million yuan, and the color printing factory collapsed.

on January 10, an industry source revealed that the boss of a packaging factory in Beijiao, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong took away 200million yuan, and his whereabouts are unknown at present. several times "At present, there is no mandatory logistics packaging standard inquiry in China, and it is Guangdong Yongshun Color Printing Co., Ltd. that has basically locked the packaging factory whose boss ran away. On January 9, Xu, the boss of Guangdong Yongshun Color Printing Co., Ltd., ran away, took away a huge amount of money, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

according to an employee of the factory, Yongshun color printing has been completely discontinued, is currently going through legal channels for liquidation, and the local government has intervened Deal with the aftermath. The current situation of the factory is relatively chaotic. It should be that employees, suppliers and other parties are eager to recover the arrears after hearing the news

with regard to the running of Xu, the boss of Yongshun color printing, Yang, the boss of another local packaging factory, said: This Xu really escaped a few days ago. Insiders have revealed that Xu's running is related to the problem in the capital chain of the factory, which has existed for a long time, at least twoorthree years. However, no one knows the specific details. Other executives of Yongshun color printing have also been shut down recently

according to the survey, Guangdong Yongshun Color Printing Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaozhen Town, Shunde north, Guangdong Province, where there are no risks such as frost spraying and wear-resistant layer falling off. It is a professional production enterprise focusing on the production of export product packaging. The company has maintained good cooperative relations with Midea Group, Shuanghui group, Dongling group and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad for a long time. After more than ten years of rapid development and expansion, it has become a group enterprise integrating papermaking, packaging, printing and trade. It has four major companies, Yongshun paper company, Yongshun packaging company, Yongshun color printing company and Mori Meifeng trade, forming an industrial system. The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and has been rated as one of the top ten printing enterprises in Foshan

the company has more than ten sets of advanced printing equipment, four full-automatic box gluing production lines, two full-automatic high-speed box gluing machines, five semi-automatic grinders, one sh-1050e full-automatic beer machine and 11 semi indentation cutting machines, as well as five automatic paper laminating machines, two apex-52 paper choppers, one full-automatic five layer paper board line, four single-sided machines (pit paper), and other production equipment, with a daily production capacity of 1million prints

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