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Villagers spontaneously set up an aerial photography team of 13 drones to record the beauty of their hometown "who says aerial photography can only be a hobby of young people?" In Xidi Village, Quyang County, Hebei Province, there is a large-scale "aerial photography" group, which is composed of more than 20 farmers in the village. The oldest member of the group is 64 years old. Everyone came together because of the hobby of "aerial photography". After the aerial photography team grew, the aerial camera was started to record the cultural festival in the village. At the end of February, they also recorded Quyang County Tourism Development Conference by aerial photography, and recorded the beauty of their hometown in their own way

UAV take-off/image source: interviewee

"hardware and building materials, glass materials", "the RBT of Zhang Qilong, the leader of the aerial photography team", is actually the advertising slogan of his own business, "the members of our team have their own jobs, all walks of life, aerial photography is only a hobby, the team was established in 2015, but there were too few members at that time, and it was not considered a little scale until last year."

Zhang Qilong said that he came into contact with aerial photography by accident four or five years ago, and the result was uncontrollable, "I feel like I have met true love". Zhang Qilong was fascinated by the new observation angle and experience of aerial photography on the world, so he saved money and spent 600 yuan. Its demand in the Indian market is expected to exceed 4million tons; During this period, I bought an aerial camera for more than 0 yuan. "After that, I went to the mountains for aerial photography with several friends. They soon fell in love with this new photography experience and soon joined my team." He said that since then, more and more people in the village have been exposed to aerial photography, and some interested people have also taken the initiative to join the group. "By the end of 2018, our team had 27 people, and there are currently 13 drones."

Zhang Qilong said that as early as the beginning of 2018, they had the idea of aerial photography for the village. The instrument industry system is weak, but it has not been implemented yet. First, because the preparatory work is not perfect, many team members do not have foreign allies or official institutions to skillfully operate UAVs; Second, there is no formal activity suitable for aerial photography in the village. "Finally, we decided to dedicate the group's first official aerial photography to the village's Cultural Festival." He said that on the fifth day of the first lunar month, several members of the group took out their machines at the same time, and 13 drones took off at the same time to take aerial photos in the village, leaving a lot of beautiful pictures. "Record and spread the characteristics of the village in our way." Zhang Qilong said proudly

record rural life from a new perspective/source: the first collective test flight of the interviewee

aerial photography team was not smooth sailing. Because many members have not been exposed to professional technical training, and their mastery of aerial photography technology and knowledge is limited, the effect of aerial photography has not fully achieved expectations. In addition, some fans do spend a lot of money on aerial photography, and there is also a situation of giving up halfway. "We are still exploring our experience in Shanxi, where coal production is high, and working hard to learn the technology of UAV flight. This year, the aerial photography team in the village will be officially listed, and we hope to improve it by then."

Mou Jianwei, vice chairman of the China Association of aerial photographers, told the Beijing News country channel that the aerial photography of the cultural festival in Xidi village was actually very successful. The fly in the ointment was that the temperature was relatively low at that time, and drones could not fly for a long time. "I appreciate the aerial photography team spontaneously established by the villagers, so that they can record their beautiful home from a new perspective. At the same time, I hope they can apply drones to new perspectives, such as agriculture. From the perspective of overlooking, they can use more drones in rural agricultural development, which will be more helpful to their future development.". Mu Jianwei also presented his book "UAV aerial photography tutorial" and j-20 fighter model to Zhang Qilong, the initiator of Xidi Village UAV aerial photography team, wishing them better and better in UAV aerial photography. "Next year I will go to Xidi village to see if everyone has made progress," Mou Jianwei told

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