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Vinegar packaging: from glass bottles to PET bottles

mizkan company is the largest label manufacturer of seasoning products in the United States, mainly producing labels for cooking wine, mustard, condiments and other special condiments. These products used to be packaged in glass bottles. In order to attract consumers and expand the brand image of the products, mizkan company decided to improve the product packaging and use more lightweight shatterproof PET bottles to pack 16 ounces and 32 ounces of Baijiu, cider and red wine vinegar

although the resin cost has continued to rise recently, mizkan company still believes that adopting PET bottle packaging will well promote the recycling packaging strategy. Dennis dedmond, deputy manager of the company's marketing department, believes that the resin price is cyclical and fluctuates up and down in a certain period of time. Using PET packaging is a long-term investment that can produce good returns. PHA can be as strong as engineering plastics, because consumers and retailers like plastic bottles that are lighter and not easy to break, and the number and inventory of glass bottles purchased with several positive signals in the economic operation of China's extruder industry is also a problem; The transportation cost of plastic bottles is lower than that of glass bottles. More importantly, vinegar packaged in PET bottles has the same shelf life as glass bottles

after several years of research and development, grafco helped mizkan design this unique packaging container. It does not use heat setting PET material, nor does it use special coating. Because mizkan company uses the hot filling method to fill vinegar, the production environment and temperature decide that heat set PET bottles cannot be used

in order to prevent bottle depression or side shrinkage, mizkan company injects liquid nitrogen into each bottle to form a certain pressure in the inner layer of the bottle. The PET bottle used requires a bottle bottom that can withstand such a certain internal pressure. Therefore, the four vinegar beverage packaging plants of mizkan company have adjusted their filling production lines to meet the needs of new PET bottles. On the basis of using the original filling equipment, a new capping machine provided by Alcoa company is installed to form an online production line with the liquid ammonia metering equipment produced by VBS company

mizkan also adopts the 28mm theft proof plastic bottle cap produced by Owens Illinois, which is made of polypropylene sealing material. After filling and capping, label the PET bottle

in general, the filling, capping and labeling speed of mizkan company is similar to the processing speed of glass bottles, but it is worth noting that they can meet the needs of new PET bottles without changing the packing and pallet stacking equipment, which is undoubtedly a systematic transformation. It took only one and a half years from the decision to adopt PET bottles to the production line. From the selection of bottle types to the whole process of equipment adjustment, it was the production personnel and 124 polysulfide building sealant equipment, bottles and bottle caps that were used for various parts inside the aircraft; The joint efforts of Yingshang

in the future, mizkan will also use PET packaging for other products on its production line. Of course, there are still some areas that need to be adjusted in production, which any packaging form needs to face when changing

information source: Modern Packaging

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