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Opinions and suggestions on drug packaging

with the strengthening of drug inspection by the drug administration department and the strengthening of punishment for fake and inferior drugs, drug manufacturers have also made great efforts in protecting drug quality, and have taken a series of packaging improvement measures to effectively guarantee drug quality, which has played a great role in ensuring drug quality. However, there are still some unsatisfactory aspects in the drug packaging on the market

I. at present, a total of 6.252 million tons of caprolactam have been produced in drug packaging. The current situation and defects

in the current drug packaging circulating in the market, either no protective measures have been taken, and it is still "plain faced"; Or it is wrapped tightly, "hidden". The drugs packaged by the former are easily affected by environmental factors and tested on the production line, and are prone to quality problems in the circulation process, which is not desirable. The latter packaging naturally avoids the interference of environmental factors and ensures the quality of drugs, but such packaging brings great inconvenience to the inspection of the drug administration department; Second, it is easy to bring unnecessary economic losses to businesses in the inspection; Sanlai also provides an opportunity for those who make and sell fake and inferior drugs to avoid inspection, because when law enforcement officers inspect the packaged drugs, it is impossible to destroy the packaging and inspect all samples

at present, in order to strengthen drug supervision and administration and speed up the identification process of fake and inferior drugs, the state has invested a lot of money to equip the drug inspection department with advanced mobile detection equipment, but this advanced instrument, equipment and software is still in its infancy, the requirements for models are relatively high, and the amount of information storage is also quite limited, so it is difficult to meet the needs of various drug detection in the market for a moment, Therefore, in order to quickly find fake and inferior drugs, we have to rely on the law enforcement personnel of our drug administration department to "look, hear and ask" the samples according to the traditional experience and methods. At present, in the drug packaging on the market, if law enforcement officers want not to damage the packaging and see whether there are quality problems in the internal drugs, one word is "difficult". If they disassemble too many, it will bring trouble to the future sales of the merchants. They even have to treat the unpacked drugs as a loss report, which will cause economic losses to the merchants. At the same time, we can solve the problem of commercial laboratory machines, and the family is also resistant to our inspection

II. Recommended drug packaging

is there a compromise for the above dilemma? Is there a way to experiment and provide data according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, JG, JT, Yb, QB, YD, YY, QC, sy, SL, BB, Hg and other international and industrial standards? Of course. During the daily inspection, the author found that a manufacturer in Guangxi used a transparent plastic material for packaging. Such packaging can achieve a win-win effect, which can not only ensure the quality of drugs, but also allow law enforcers to find drug quality problems without unpacking. It can also enable businesses to actively cooperate with the inspection and be willing to accept the inspection, and it can not give the opportunity to counterfeiters and sellers. For those drugs that need to be protected from light, visual windows can be reserved or dark transparent packaging materials can be used as inner packaging

the author believes that this kind of transparent packaging is an effective measure to solve the embarrassing situation we encounter in the current inspection. Using this material for packaging drugs is a good choice and a recommended method

anqing Institute for drug control Li Chuanxiang

source: Anhui food and Drug Administration

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