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Viggs launched Victrex am Paek silk optimized for additive manufacturing

Yuanzhu intelligent intasys has become the world's first distributor of new Paek materials for viggs 3D printing additive manufacturing

on July 20, 2020, Shanghai - Victrex is a global leader in high-performance polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and poly aryl ether ketone (Paek) solutions. Recently, viggs launched Victrex am optimized for additive manufacturing? The new product is specially developed and optimized for additive manufacturing. Although the existing peek materials have some applications in additive manufacturing, the materials themselves are designed for traditional manufacturing methods such as machining and injection molding. The first 3D printing equipment supplier to provide weigs Paek new materials is China's Yuanzhu intelligent intasys, a world leading high-tech company that provides 3D printing of high-performance materials and industrial direct additive manufacturing solutions

Mr. Jakob sigurdsson, CEO of wiggs, commented at k 2016: "The new generation of Wegener additive manufacturing Paek materials marks an important step in our direction. We are very happy to work closely with Yuanzhu intelligent intasys. It is based on the excellent cooperation with the alliance of companies and institutions pursuing additive manufacturing innovation, including Yuanzhu intelligent intasys, and Wegener's continuous research and development that we continue to make progress and are committed to creating products based on additive manufacturing design that are higher than Paek materials Truly innovative components that combine performance. "

this new Victrex am 200 wire based on Paek is specially designed and optimized for additive manufacturing. Researchers introduced that the excellent mechanical properties of Paek materials are the requirements of high-performance parts. However, so far, using existing optional materials such as PEEK and PEKK, the excellent performance of Paek is still difficult to be fully realized in 3D printing components. For example, when peek materials used for injection molding are used for monofilament melt additive manufacturing, the performance of components is usually weakened due to poor interlayer bonding. This new material is designed specifically for this weakness in peek printing. The test of this new material on Yuanzhu intelligent intasys 3D printing device shows that it has higher z-axis strength, which can reach 80% of its XY strength direction, and has better hot melt forming (FFF) printing adaptability than existing Paek materials

Yuanzhu intelligent intasys has tested the physical and mechanical properties of wiggs' new high-performance materials. The material tests are carried out in different 3D printing devices, including the intelligent multi material industrial 3D printing device FunMat Pro 410, which is an industrial intelligent high-temperature 3D printing device with double nozzles. The printing size can reach 305*305*406mm, which can handle a variety of complex structures and support the printing of a variety of materials such as PEEK, peek-cf, PEKK, PC, Pc-abs and other high-performance materials

Mr. hanchengchao, founder and CEO of Yuanzhu intelligent intasys, stressed: "Our test results in intasys printer confirm that Victrex am 200 silk has better interlayer adhesion than other peak materials. Compared with unfilled peek materials, the design of this material has the characteristics of slower crystallization and lower melting point. After adjusting the melt viscosity, it is especially suitable for FF 3D printing, and the printing fluency is high. Compared with similar products in the market, the interlayer adhesion and dimensional stability of the printed parts formed by this material There are several differences in the screw rod of table tension testing machine, which is particularly excellent, which is also due to its high fluidity under low shear rate. Based on our current test results, Victrex am 200 has higher interlayer adhesion, easier printing, less shrinkage and warpage, and is more suitable for melt deposition printing process than other similar materials. "

Yuanzhu intelligent intasys is also the first member company of the global wire rod printing network that weigs supports this new material. This network aims to promote the use of innovative high-performance materials for Victrex am additive manufacturing based on Paek polymer, and includes more material solutions specially developed for additive manufacturing technology. These materials are specially designed and developed for additive manufacturing technology to meet the requirements of additive with high temperature resistance and excellent mechanical properties Universal testing machine vertical manual spring tension testing machine is a simple manufacturing part of the tension machine

the newly developed additive manufacturing Paek am new material by wiggs has very high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance fluid/chemical properties at the same time, which can meet a variety of demanding applications, help to improve the degree of design freedom and improve production cost-effectiveness

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