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Viewgood Chery's streaming video live broadcast system solution

I. user demand

with the increasingly fierce market competition, the improvement of the overall quality of Chery's employees has become one of the important elements in the market competition. The traditional employee training is that the human resources department formulates a complete training plan with the progress of society, which will take advantage of the rest time of employees or an employee basically has

free time, In a fixed place, gather all employees from their jobs to the training place for training. Such a training process will waste a lot of time. In order to make the training process more reasonable and humanized, Chery, which takes "organization optimization and team interaction" as the enterprise philosophy, will reform the current training method and use the currently popular network training method. In terms of the live video software used in online training, Chery company attaches great importance to the cost performance of the software, and pays more attention to the scalability of the live video software. The software currently used needs to adapt to the future development of the enterprise, which requires software suppliers to have their own intellectual property rights and independent research and development capabilities. At present, among the similar products in the market, the products with higher cost performance are still those of domestic live broadcast software enterprises, but there are few manufacturers with their own intellectual property rights and independent research and development capabilities. After a period of careful selection, Chery chose the weblive video live broadcast system independently developed by viewgood

II. Demand analysis

used in Chery's live video system, it is a typical Ethernet based live video application. Chery company is very important for the purpose of this system. Therefore, during live video broadcasting, the requirements for the synchronization of sound and picture are more strict. The delay of picture and sound will make trainers prone to disgust. Therefore, the processing capacity of the system is very important. At the same time, considering that the number of trainers in the future may exceed the general number of live broadcasts, and also in order to improve the efficiency of training, The concurrency of the live broadcast system needs to reach more than 1000 people. It also requires that the system platform has strong scalability and certain progressiveness in technology implementation

considering the characteristics of video live broadcast application, combined with the construction of Chery's existing system platform and the current business visits for a period of time, viewgood will build and use the weblive enterprise video live broadcast solution on the basis of in-depth communication with Chery branch

third, the solution

to carry out real-time live broadcast of cable TV, satellite TV and live video in the enterprise and in the wide area, the system needs to have two transmission modes: multicast protocol in the system and unicast protocol in the interconnection. At the same time, it requires the characteristics of system transmission rate, data synchronization, data flow diversion, high stability and so on. The best solution to realize the video and audio transmission of network is the transmission mode of streaming media

when the engineering plastic materials with the world's advanced level have achieved results in the laboratory, for local and wide area multi-channel live broadcasting, using a publishing server can successfully complete the publishing work. Due to the company's requirements for system recording programs, there should be a server dedicated to collecting and storing programs. On the live broadcasting system, viewgood combines its own product characteristics, The weblive live broadcast system strengthens the advantages of the separation of acquisition, recording and live broadcast, and adopts the standard b/s architecture. The separation rate of the collet of the universal experimental machine should be kept constant as far as possible and within the range of the specified stress rate. Based on the web mode, it can run completely on the Internet. In terms of encoding technology, the most advanced MPEG-4 encoding and decoding technology is adopted, which not only ensures the image quality, but also greatly reduces the bandwidth occupied by video, making the live broadcast platform more stable and efficient

IV. system composition

1. Viewgood weblive video live broadcast software

2. Video acquisition workstation (2 sets)

3. Video publishing server (1 set)

4. Camera (1 set with pan tilt control)

5. Acquisition card (four osprey-210)

6. Receiving terminal

publishing server:

intel Xeon DP 2.8*2ghz CPU (1024k L2 cache), 1GB r-ecc DDR memory, ultra320 raid card The motherboard integrates 10/100mbps and 10/100/1000mbps Fast Ethernet cards, 460W power supply and CD-ROM

system software:


v. network topology

VI. implementation functions:

1. Standard server environment supports concurrency

2. Multi server cluster, integrated support function

3. Remote background management function (remote console adjustment, EPG, etc.)

4. Hierarchical management of customers, multiple permission setting functions

5. The most advanced MPEG-4 encoding and decoding technology is adopted, It not only ensures the quality of the image, but also greatly reduces the bandwidth occupied by the video, without affecting other uses of the network

6. Adopt advanced technologies such as multi-level thread pool, dynamic IP binding, synchronous listening, etc. the server side carries out real-time coding and compression, and the client side carries out real-time decoding and real-time playback, fully ensuring that the system has the shortest delay

7. Adopt the original multicast propagation technology to support unlimited cascading. Fully realize the support of cross wide area live broadcasting

8. Support real-time recording of collected signals into MPEG-4 format files while live broadcasting

9. Support multiple formats of files and turn off the power directly

10. Support one server with multiple cards and multi-channel selection on the client

11. Support text and image subtitles

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