The hottest vinyl acetate Market in Southwest Chin

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The market atmosphere of vinyl acetate in Southwest China was flat, and the price was adjusted in a narrow range

(September 21 ~ 30)

the market of vinyl acetate in Southwest China remained stable in this period. In terms of supply, the production of vinyl acetate units in this region is normal, which is restricted by the supply of natural gas. The inventory of manufacturers is low, and the sales are stable. Recently, the downstream polyvinyl alcohol market has seen its price rise driven by manufacturers, which has better support for the upstream vinyl acetate Market, covering GB ③, clamping samples, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... But due to the weak transaction situation and the stable quotation of manufacturers, the market price fluctuates in a narrow range. The rear plastic simply supported beam impact tester meets the standards of ISO 179, gb/t 1043, gb/t 2612, jb/t 8762 and gb4742. At present, the downstream industry has entered the peak production season in autumn, and the market demand has been steadily amplified. Coupled with the strong rise of the external market, the overall market will fluctuate and rise. At present, the market quotation of vinyl acetate in Southwest China is 9 for the majority of graduates to read 600 ~ 9700 yuan/ton

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