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Vintage's new electronic cigarette anti child packaging is safe and fashionable

release date: 201ketaspire polyether ether ketone (PEEK) has excellent strength, excellent fatigue resistance and continuous use temperature up to 240 ℃. Source: Internet editor: litchi browsing times: 1319 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: many users of electronic cigarettes, especially young people, take electronic cigarettes as a lifestyle accessory. Therefore, the public revenue of some brands in Heilongjiang Province is only about 130billion yuan a year. Brand owners use packaging design (including graphics and structure) to position their e-cigarette brands as fashionable, chic or elegant

[China Packaging News] many users of e-cigarettes, especially young people, take e-cigarettes as a lifestyle accessory. Therefore, some brand owners use packaging design (including graphics and structure) to position their e-cigarette brand as fashionable, chic or elegant

vintage pop-up e-cigarettes are redesigned into child proof packages

take the new pop-up e-cigarette of vintage for example. Its design has the feeling of lighter in the pocket of "advertising madman", and it is decorated with interesting graphics on the appearance. It also designs a children's safety lock, which is very fashionable

the pop-up e-cigarette combines a hard shell with a plastic plug-in to store the electronic liquid. When opening the package, the consumer pushes the opening and closing cover forward to bypass a latch, and unlocks the front and rear of the cover at the same time. After opening the cover, the internal distributor is exposed. Consumers can dispense the electronic liquid in drops by pressing a circular opening on the front of the insert. Each step will have a label showing how to open the anti child opening package. This package has two specifications: 15ml and 35ml, six styles, such as lovers, sinners and explorers. Each package has memorable illustrations

the latch on the left prevents children from contacting the e-cigarette liquid by securing the cover

Nedal Makarem, the founder of vintage vapours LLC, introduced us how child proof packaging came into being

it's really smart to adjust the details so that your original packaging can prevent children from touching. Can you tell me more details about its development

for example, use an electric soldering iron to close the suspicious part (pay attention not to raise the temperature too high to damage the normal device) and try to see whether the fault occurs

makarem: as you mentioned, it is important to maintain the appearance and brand feeling when designing the C-R bottle. It took more than a year for C-R shape design and mold making, during which it was constantly modified according to feedback and C-R test

according to our market research, there is no other similar C-R flip top package design in the market. Therefore, the research and development of C-R bottle body is a great work

after many iterations and scrapping several molds, our products obtained the product C-R certification. In February this year, we finally released the new packaging. The original packaging was launched in September 2014. We currently use third-party injection and blow molding equipment to manufacture our own bottles in Riverside County, California

why use a side double-layer label

makarem: about labels, we hope to include as much information as possible and comply with current and future regulations as much as possible. Due to the limited space of our bottles, we chose double-layer labels. The label also helps seal the bottle mouth and has a "tamper proof" function. The label will be peeled off after opening the bottle, so we designed a perforation at the bottom. After the label is peeled off, you can still see the position of nicotine in the bottle

the "V" embossing on the back label is very good-looking. I know you want to use the packaging to explain to the customer how to open the C-R packaging. Is the label on the back necessary

makarem: now that we have created an unprecedented symposium to celebrate the successful completion of 2014 rubber and plastic technology in medical products! For the C-R mechanism, we believe that it is necessary to provide an open description rather than "prevent adults from opening". Although it is not necessary, we will keep the back label for a period of time in the future, because customers will take it as the logo of the new mechanism. Once the market is familiar with this mechanism, we can consider eliminating it

Is the C-R structure of

35ml the same as that of 15ml

makarem: 35ml bottles are also packed with C-R, the same as 15ml. Whether the original bottle or the new C-R bottle, we have applied for design and utility model patents in the United States, and have applied for many international patents

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