The hottest vinyl acetate spot rose $2030, with hi

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The spot price of vinyl acetate rose US $and the Chinese market price was high

the spot price of vinyl acetate rose US $to US $per ton (CFR Northeast Asia), but many customers responded that the fixture was a perishable part, indicating that the Chinese market price was high. Prices rose due to tight supply caused by the reduction of production in Taiwan factories since mid September

however, as Taiwan Dairen chemical company, the second largest producer in the world, may restart in mid November, it is too early to see whether the price can remain strong. As December is the off-season, demand is also expected to decrease

in terms of raw materials, the spot price of ethylene continued to decline, falling by $20/ton to $per ton (CFR Northeast Asia), due to the sluggish demand for downstream polymers and sufficient ocean shipping. The spot acetic acid price stabilized at USD/ton (CFR Northeast Asia), supported by the strong price of upstream methanol

the quotation of Northeast Asia is USD/ton (CFR Asia), and the corresponding purchase intention price is USD 900/ton (CFR Asia)

in East China, the transaction was reached at the price of US dollars/ton (CFR Northeast Asia), up US dollars from October. The buyer said that the supply was tight due to transportation difficulties and the production reduction of the factory with an annual output of 200000 tons in Chongqing in October

in the domestic market, East China and South China reached a deal at the price of yuan/ton, up 1506 from October. Automatic control: the end of experimental parameter input is yuan/ton. The local manufacturer increased its quotation by yuan to yuan/ton

in the southeast, the price is USD/ton (CFR), and the transaction is light at this time. Because the bid price difference is too large, the transaction is difficult to reach. The bid price is above 1020 US dollars/ton (CFR Southeast Asia), while the bid price is 900 US dollars/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). Although regional traders were stranded off the market, due to scarce profits, end users said they were willing to raise dollars to buy November shipments that drove soldiers out of history

in Thailand, prices have fallen since October. In November, the price fell by 2 baht/kg to 37 baht/kg, or US $1008/ton. Demand has not improved

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