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"Village group" stimulates the new vitality of the development of the village collective economy

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"in the past, fruit bags were bought from other places, and the people were not at ease. Since we have fruit bags locally, not only the quality of fruit bags is good, but also the people are at ease when buying them." Wang Guoliang, a fruit farmer in Beihai village, Yunyan Town, Yichuan County, said happily

Yichuan County, as an important apple producing area in Yan'an City, has a large demand for fruit bags. Previously, fruit farmers could only purchase from domestic dealers. The quality of fruit bags was uneven and the price was unstable. In order to solve this problem, the Party committee of Yunyan town takes the promotion of apple industry reorganization as the main direction of attack, takes the development and expansion of village level collective economy as one of the starting points, explores and implements the "2+x" model, drives weak villages with strong villages, drives shell villages with rich villages, promotes new breakthroughs in apple industry reorganization, and walks out a new way to develop and expand village collective economy

the lack of starting funds is the primary factor restricting the development of village level collective economy. Yunyan town firmly seized the opportunity of the Yan Huang expressway, changed the simple practice of the village collective compensation in the past, and mobilized and encouraged village groups to use the collective part of the compensation for the development of the collective economy. Xinhu village, a village with a strong branch team, invested 2million to take charge of the construction of the plant, and liujiatable village, a village with strong collective economic strength at the village level, used the collective land compensation funds of Yan Huang Expressway to invest 5million shares in the working capital, and guided 13 shell villages to inject 500000 funds into each village. By giving full play to the different resource advantages of 15 villages, Yunyan town collective economic union was established to prepare for the construction of Yunxin fruit bag factory. At the end of last year, Yunxin fruit bag factory was completed and put into use, and fruit farmers can buy fruit bags at home

entering the Yunxin fruit bag factory, 10 production lines are running at full capacity, and one machine is working intensively. The workers pack and carry the fruit bags produced on the water line according to the production standards

"considering the immediate effect and long-term sustainable development, we produce apple bags, which are urgently needed by fruit farmers and have to be used every year." Zhang Yangang, deputy mayor of Yunyan Town, Yichuan County and Secretary of the Party branch of Xinhu village, said that the daily production capacity of the fruit bag factory is 1500 boxes, with an annual output of 400000 boxes (1.2 billion) of fruit bags, an output value of 52million, and an estimated annual profit of more than 2million

the completion and operation of Yunxin fruit bag factory can not only develop and expand the collective economy of 15 villages, but also solve the employment problem of surrounding people. Fan Yanfeng, a villager of Xinhu village, is one of the beneficiaries. He told me, "I work in the factory and can earn 3000 yuan a month. I am close to home and take care of my family."

quality is the "lifeblood" for the development of enterprises. Yunxin fruit bag factory adopts high-quality raw materials, produces in strict accordance with standards, and wins the market with high quality and low price. Xue Ze, a quality inspector of Yichuan Yunxin fruit bag factory, said, "our fruit bags are strictly controlled from raw material procurement to fruit bag production, from wax coating on the inner bag to edge glue, bottom glue, wire on-line, packing and sealing on the outer paper."

nowadays, the fruit bags produced by Yunxin fruit bag factory have gradually entered the market and have been recognized by many fruit farmers. Ax, such as microcatheter, contrast catheter, guide tube and other ion consulting companies, believes that. Li Zhe, a fruit farmer in Pitou village, said, "today, I specially brought some colleagues to the factory to have a look. By the way, I took some fruit bags back to let other fruit farmers have a look. I think this quality is still OK."

while developing and strengthening the village collective economy, Yunyan town has recruited village level reserve cadres for five empty shell villages, arranged to go to the fruit bag factory for training, and solved the dilemma of insufficient entrepreneurial ability of the officers caused by the age structure of the rural "two committees" team and the low level of knowledge, so as to promote the overall revitalization of the countryside with talent revitalization

Zhang Yangang calculated carefully, processing a box of fruit bags, the profit is 10, and completing 400000 boxes a year, that is 4million. "Through Yunxin fruit bag factory, it not only expands the collective economy and promotes farmers' income, but also meets the needs of local fruit farmers for such shoes, which will take many years to develop." He said happily that the next step is to expand the scale of the factory, further expand the market on the basis of stabilizing the fruit bag market, and strive to sell fruit bags to Zhidan, Wuqi, Ansai, Yanchang, Yanchuan and other counties and districts, so that more people can benefit from Yunxin fruit bag factory

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