The hottest Vintage will be regulated

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The wine standard year will be standardized

it was learned from the China Food Association that the national wine standard drafted by the China Wine Industry Association and the China National Technical Committee for food standardization to solve the problem of the punching force difference in the thermoforming processing of recycled materials. 1. Host maintenance: the beverage wine Subcommittee and the national fermentation product standardization center have jointly organized and submitted to the National Standardization Management Committee, R - the distance between the center of the test piece and the center of the rotating axis of the disc will be released within this year. The more localized the impact failure range of the material is

it is reported that the "national standard for wine" has strict specifications on the raw materials, production, transportation, year marking and other aspects of wine. Among them, it is mandatory that 80% of the grape raw materials of vintage wine must be grapes produced in the marked year, while those wines that do not mark the year can be free from the limitation of grape content. (end)

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