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Major events will happen today and tomorrow, and China's top 500 enterprises will gather in Nanchang

major events will happen today and tomorrow, and China's top 500 enterprises will gather in Nanchang

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on July 10, the 2017 China top 500 Enterprise Summit Forum was held in Beijing, officially announcing that the 2017 China top 500 Enterprise Summit Forum will be held in Changlong, the main function of Southern Jiangxi from September 9 to 10, 2017

the annual China top 500 Enterprise Summit Forum has become an important birthplace and dissemination platform for China's business ideas. The testing process of raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products before the use of Chinese products has become increasingly important. The holding of this forum every year can be called a grand event in China's business community. This year is the 16th year

highlights of the summit

1. The theme of this year's summit forum is "innovation, courage, responsibility, excellence, strength and expansion"

2. Publish relevant lists and research reports according to the Convention. At this year's meeting, the China Enterprise Federation and the China Entrepreneur Association will release the top 500 Chinese enterprises for 16 consecutive years, the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises and the top 500 Chinese service enterprises for 13 consecutive years, and the list of China's top 100 multinational companies for 7 consecutive years

3. The organization of the conference is divided into parallel forums, the release of the top 500, the theme forum of the conference, the special report meeting, the number of cycle experiments, the introduction of the investment environment, the signing ceremony of enterprise investment and other links

4. Invite the delegates to visit the cultural relics exhibition of the haihunhou state site of the Han Dynasty in Nanchang and the Nanchang aviation industry city or Nanchang national high tech Industrial Development Zone under construction

look at Jiangxi among the top 500

"we once ranked fifth in the world industry, and now we are ranked eighth. In 2020, we will regain the fifth place, and the goal in 2025 is to be third. After that, we will aim at the second and first places, and reach the top." When it comes to enterprise development, Wang Min, chairman and party secretary of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd., is confident and speaks with confidence

XCMG, a landmark brand in China's equipment industry. In the 1960s, China's first truck crane and first roller were born in XCMG. Today, XCMG ranks first in China's construction machinery industry and eighth in the world's construction machinery industry. It is the only Chinese enterprise to enter the world's top ten, and the scale and strength of mobile cranes rank first in the world

since taking the post of the top leader of XCMG group in 1999, 45 year old Wang Min has adhered to reform and innovation, and has made an old state-owned enterprise with a scale of 100 billion, always the first packing belt tension machine in China, and ranked among the top ten construction machinery iconic brands in the world industry. "Today, I am more and more confident." Wang Min said frankly that since 2011, the whole construction machinery industry has experienced a decline, and when some enterprises complain that it is difficult to sustain, XCMG has seen opportunities in the midst of difficulties. "The biggest opportunity is to adjust our thinking. We can no longer follow the extensive development path and expand at the middle and low end. Instead, we should work hard to improve our internal skills, increase scientific and technological innovation, improve product quality, and take the 'three high and one large' path of high-tech content, high added value, high-end users and large tonnage."

today, XCMG's products have been exported to 177 countries and regions around the world. The total export volume of the "XCMG" brand and the company's overseas revenue continue to rank first in the domestic industry. In Jiangxi, XCMG equipment has participated in the construction of almost all major engineering projects, such as jiujingqu high-speed railway, Menghua railway, dujiu high-speed Poyang Lake Bridge, Chang Gan passenger dedicated line, xinhongcheng market, Nanchang Metro and other 60 major engineering projects, with more than 700 equipment

Wang Min said that Jiangxi is located in the Yangtze River economic belt, and Nanchang is the node city of the "the Belt and Road", which has developed very well in recent years. "Jiangxi has great potential, because Jiangxi is a late starter, and it can take another step on the shoulders of the early starters. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we need to learn, introduce, develop and improve, and have advanced ideas, products and talents." Wang Min suggested that Jiangxi Province should accurately position itself in industrial development and realize the late development advantage. Wang Min also hopes to take the opportunity of participating in the 2017 China top 500 Enterprise Summit Forum to have more exchanges with Jiangxi entrepreneurs and explore the cooperation space with Jiangxi enterprises in new industries

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