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"IOT" connects "intelligence" and enables the future of electricity with digitalization. Beijing, China, January 18, 2019. With the continuous evolution of urbanization and people's pursuit of a better life, the demand for electricity in the future will continue to increase. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), electricity will account for 40% of the final energy consumption increment by 2040. At the same time, a more efficient, decentralized and digital era of electrification is quietly coming. People have higher and higher requirements for the reliability and quality of power, and the demand on the power side is also more complex, which has higher requirements for distribution technology

with the continuous development of power distribution technology, Schneider Electric believes that in the future, millions of digital intelligent power distribution equipment, including intelligent instruments, line sensors and on load tap changers, will be applied to large-scale infrastructure in the fields of electricity, transportation, factories, petroleum and petrochemicals. IOT will generate many things. By strengthening the collection, analysis and processing of data, realizing intelligent communication through IOT will become the key for people to obtain more safe, reliable, efficient, interconnected and sustainable power

stimulate the potential of energy conservation and efficiency increase with the benefit of data

in the next 10 years, it is expected that 30billion to 50billion intelligent machines will be applied, thus forming a larger physical connection, which also means that the increasingly huge power will generate more massive data due to the CPU network of the computer. Due to the isolation between various systems, the problem of insufficient data availability and effectiveness is likely to aggravate the difficulty of troubleshooting and low efficiency, The occurrence of increased risks

in this regard, Schneider Electric believes that using digital technology to accurately collect and professionally analyze the massive data generated by the distribution system, and understanding the data and mastering the health status of the system will become an effective way to find problems earlier, predict risks, optimize management and control, and then save energy and reduce consumption

Schneider Electric is committed to integrating more interconnected products, more professional edge control software, and full life cycle digital consulting services in terms of hardware, software, and data, accelerating innovation, and realizing the comprehensive coverage of equipment connection, system architecture, and application scenarios. Through intelligent hardware including powertag terminal power distribution intelligent system, masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker with multi type digital modules, Strengthen the stability, interconnection and data acquisition ability of the system, and use a series of power management software and expert consulting services to provide analysis of power and operation quality, help users improve power reliability and asset equipment performance, comprehensively ensure the health of electrical assets, and realize efficient, accurate, professional operation and fine management

based on the upgraded ecostruxure power intelligent distribution architecture, Schneider Electric provided a full set of digital intelligent distribution solutions for Hunan Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd., a large comprehensive class a design and research enterprise established in 1952, making full use of data to maximize the availability of electricity, staff and energy efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, realize active operation and maintenance, and stimulate energy-saving potential. At present, Hunan Construction Institute has successfully obtained the three-star design logo of green buildings, which has become an excellent model of energy conservation and consumption reduction

embrace no calls with digital operation and maintenance

under the background of energy transformation, China's energy structure is accelerating towards the process of efficiency, cleanness, low carbon and decentralization. According to the "renewable energy micro electricity policy and regulation" issued by the International Renewable Energy Agency, renewable energy will provide electricity for about 60% of the new power demand from 2016 to 2030, of which about 40% will be achieved through micro electricity. At present, driven by the change of energy structure, the improvement of new energy economy, the rapid development of smart electricity and micro electricity, and the development of electric vehicle technology, China's new energy development is actively and orderly developing new generation information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy vehicles and other industries. By 2030, more and more technical barriers will be broken, Renewable energy represented by photovoltaic will account for 50% of the newly installed capacity. In the future, more than half of consumers will consider self-sufficiency in power supply, including smart homes, self generation, electric vehicles, financing services, etc

Schneider Electric believes that in the face of the diversification of power production methods and the increasingly complex demand on the response side, flexible electricity will become the main form of future electricity to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand and facilitate the access of electric vehicles, distributed energy and energy storage systems. Among them, micro electricity will become an important supplement to electricity in the future. The implementation of micro electricity will effectively guide the local consumption of distributed power and renewable energy, and the key to its success lies in the openness of the power market and technological scalability

in recent years, in addition to applying more digital technologies to the use and consumption of new energy and the response to the demand side of electricity, Schneider Electric is committed to using targeted micro electric solutions such as ecostruxure micro electric operation system emo and ecostruxure micro electric consultant EMA micro electric energy management system to participate in the technological change of electricity in the future. Through more extensive and accurate data collection, analysis, insight and action, To meet the challenges and help power operators change the current situation that the traditional distribution mode cannot meet the development needs of non incoming calls

distribution technology ecosystem: work together to create the future

the development and vision of digital and intelligent distribution technology cannot be achieved without the joint efforts of all parties in the whole industrial chain. Schneider Electric believes that a single enterprise can no longer meet the complete ecological chain from the power generation side to the power consumption side. 2. The control system maintenance of tensile testing machine: diversified needs, but only to build a more open ecosystem, use a more compatible and flexible platform, connect a wider range of power equipment with a larger number, and combine the professional wisdom of different sub sectors to explore the potential value together, Only by finding a more suitable path can we effectively promote the implementation of the structural reform of the energy supply side and the construction of a modern energy system

in the field of power distribution, Schneider Electric is constantly improving the ecosystem construction in the field of power based on the ecoxpert ecological partnership program around the world, aiming to closely connect the world's leading complete sets of plants, technology providers, software developers and end users, improve technology and service capabilities, and provide more perfect solutions through a deeper understanding of user needs, so as to jointly promote and help more power and distribution enterprises, data centers Infrastructure, etc. to achieve sustained and stable power transmission, ensure the safe, reliable and efficient use of electric energy, and meet the new future of the power world

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