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From ZTE's ban, we can see that the information age is the chip age. On April 17, the U.S. Department of Commerce suddenly announced that it would completely prohibit American companies from selling parts, goods, software and technology to ZTE within seven years. This also means that ZTE will be completely blocked, technology blocked and chip sales stopped by the United States during this period of time

obviously, this sudden announcement may push ZTE to the edge of a cliff, and ZTE, which relies on many American enterprises to provide important parts and technical support, fell from the cloud. The world's fourth largest and China's second largest communication equipment manufacturer, is also facing an unprecedented crisis

obviously, the reason why the United States blocked ZTE during the Sino US trade war is not just ZTE's own problem, as he said. Just think a little, you can see that the United States does not just want to deal with ZTE

the United States' ban on sales has hit the soft spot

after more than 30 years of development, China's communication industry has made considerable progress, from tracking down the footprints of others and falling behind everywhere, to now that 5g development can participate in the formulation of standards. ZTE has also made great achievements in the research and development of 5g. At the world mobile communication conference in February, ZTE released the world's first 5g, which is also the second enterprise in China to make a major breakthrough in the 5g field

but it is worth noting that although ZTE is able to produce 5g, it is something to celebrate, but the key technologies and core components, especially chips, are completely made in the United States

this involves a huge industry - the chip industry. Because China's chip technology has not kept up, most manufacturers have to adopt chips made in the United States to ensure their competitiveness. For this reason, it needs to spend nearly 10 billion a year to purchase

no matter how powerful the core technology is, it is just a lamb to be slaughtered.

until this time, our entrepreneurs will understand that money is really not everything. Without core technology in hand, what is the significance of being the first in manufacturing, interconnection and finance in the world. Without core technology, no matter how powerful the industry is, it is just a fat lamb to be slaughtered

in 2012, Xinjiang asked for the following requirements

what are the functional characteristics of the aluminum rope tension machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in these industries? Run is completely captured by countries that master core technologies. For example, according to relevant statistics, at present, more than 80% of the chips in the core of electronic control systems need to be imported. Among the top 20 semiconductor enterprises in the world in 2017, American enterprises accounted for 13, and their total sales in China were about US $66.7 billion

for example, more than half of the market sales of Qualcomm, Broadcom and MgO are realized in China. In such a huge market, most of the profits will be earned by outsiders in the end, so many people will also have doubts. Since chips are so important and the market is so huge, why don't we develop them ourselves and always purchase others' products

complex environment creates the current situation

in fact, there are two important reasons for the formation of today's situation. One is that under the influence of globalization today, we can buy the goods we need from all open regions in the world. The research and development of chips requires a lot of time and money, but the cost of mass production is very low. Even if the government gives a lot of subsidies, there is still a big gap compared with foreign mature products

from a commercial point of view, foreign chips are of good quality and low price, so relevant Chinese enterprises are naturally more willing to choose these products with beautiful prices and low prices. In addition, many people advocate the idea that buying is better than making and renting is better than buying, so there is basically no market for chips in China

in addition to a large number of human and material resources, the research and development of chips also need to be iterated and updated after the market test. Now there is no market that can accommodate domestic chips, which also leads to the slow progress of the whole chip industry

secondly, China's talents in basic research are extremely scarce. At present, only a few top "985" colleges and universities are able to cultivate talents for chip development. However, many schools can't expect to cultivate high-end talents because the teaching content is still decades ago and the technology is far behind

in view of this situation, the first is to strengthen the investment in education, and the second is to carry out educational reform, so that every student entering the school can learn the current cutting-edge technology, change the requirement of taking the number of papers as the assessment index, and let every student doing research be able to settle down to do research and development

the information age is the chip age

the so-called information age is the chip age, and the information war is the chip war. Technology enterprises without chips are illusory, and national defense without chips is in vain

it's a good thing that ZTE is banned this time. It can also remind us how important it is to effectively master our core technology. The so-called crisis is danger and opportunity. The opportunities brought by these difficulties can arouse the sleeping power of our country

tianhe-2 once dominated supercomputing for many years, so in 2015, the U.S. Department of Commerce banned Intel Xeon chips from four national supercomputer centers in China. However, the ban did not affect China's supercomputing to continue to rank first, and even later developed the national chip "Shenwei Taihu light" supercomputer. Therefore, these sales bans are not necessarily completed. It is expected that 2018 will be all bad things


Rome was not built in a day, and the chip can not be built in a day. We can give everything we can give in a different range. We just hope to make our own things, not be clamped by foreign technology, stand tall in the face of all scientific and technological peers, and not return to the dark period of 100 years

basic research is the cornerstone of the entire technology industry, and industries without foundation are just castles in the air. But at the same time, developing our own core technology is also a difficult route, which requires not only the efforts of enterprises, the support of the government, but also the understanding of ordinary consumers. This road is doomed to be arduous, but it must also be passed. Heaven will lower the great responsibility, so people must first work hard, strain their muscles and bones, starve their bodies and skin, empty their bodies, and brush their actions disorderly. Therefore, being moved and patient has benefited what they can't

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