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Report what achievements have been made to the general secretary and the people across the country ③ separate the power line from the signal line, and enter XCMG again in the Spring Festival

in the chassis assembly workshop of XCMG Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., which General Secretary Xi inspected, the xca220 all terrain wheeled crane independently developed by XCMG, which the general secretary took with great interest, was displayed in an eye-catching position in the workshop, as if it encouraged more than 20000 XCMG cadres and workers every day: keep in mind the glorious mission of innovation driven industrial workers and good industry in the new era taught by the general secretary

Zhang Liang, director of chassis branch of XCMG Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

the world's first crane, 4000 ton crawler crane, has completed hundreds of hoisting, and the second one has also been successfully sold. The G1 generation all terrain crane tested by the general secretary accounts for 63% of our sales, and it is easy to operate and exported to high-end markets such as Germany and the United States

bearing in mind the general secretary's instructions, XCMG's entire product chain of cranes, rollers, graders, heavy trucks and other products was comprehensively upgraded to the "three high and one large" direction of high-end, high added value, high reliability and large tonnage in 2018, and more than 1000 valid patents were obtained throughout the year

as a high-end product of construction machinery, XCMG has made great efforts in independent and controllable technology and has taken the initiative in development. From 200 tons, 400 tons and 500 tons, one step at a time, mining machinery alone produced more than 150 patented technologies last year, driving the sudden rise of China's mining machinery industry

entering Li Jianjun's station in the assembly workshop of XCMG Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., he told that there were too many orders this year. What he was doing was the order of Australia mining. Four excavators had been delivered, and 12 dump trucks were in the preparation stage of delivery

Li Jianjun, assembly workshop of Xuzhou XCMG Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

some processes have been on three shifts since receiving orders from aokuang in 2017. Even if you are busy with such large orders in the market, you are very motivated

yangyufeng, deputy director of the technology center of Xuzhou XCMG Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

"this is the largest 700 ton hydraulic excavator in China at present. The core technology is mainly the control system. We have invented a flexible intelligent matching system, and our own control program is equivalent to the" brain "of the whole machine. In terms of key parts, you can see that such a large four-wheel area is all our own technology. In terms of cost, after we achieved a technological breakthrough, it was reduced by two-thirds compared with imports. "

following the Australian market, XCMG opened the door to Russia, another mining power, with its independent research and development of mining machines in 2018

Valery aleksandrovic tubaba, general manager of KBA company in Russia

XCMG mining machines are very durable in extremely cold weather, and the level of intelligence is also very high. The previously used Du 6. Stop using hard object collision sensors are products of European companies. XCMG's services are very distinctive and can respond in time. We purchased excavators in the first batch, and we will further expand our procurement later

XCMG's operating revenue exceeded 100 billion in 2018, achieving high-quality development. Its exports ranked first in the industry for 29 consecutive years. 3. The introduction of test pieces. Its products cover 97% of countries and regions on the "the Belt and Road", ranking first in 35 countries and sixth in the world's construction machinery. XCMG will go to a higher level in 2019, concentrate on innovation, go all out to develop both international and domestic markets, and move towards the new goal of the world's top five

Li Zong, deputy general manager of XCMG group and general manager of Xuzhou XCMG Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

XCMG achieved a great breakthrough last year, both in product technology and market. This year, both at home and abroad, there are great market opportunities. XCMG must have these high-end products as the support to achieve the summit

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