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On the morning of May 19, 2016, the 2016 Pearl River Estuary National Maritime Search and rescue exercise was successfully held in the waters near Guishan Island in the Pearl River Estuary of Guangdong Province. The exercise was jointly organized by the Ministry of transport and the people's Government of Guangdong Province, and jointly organized and implemented by China Maritime Search and rescue center and Guangdong maritime search and rescue center. 35 ships, 4 aircraft and more than 1300 people were deployed at the drill site, which is a three-dimensional sea, land and air search and rescue and land island personnel evacuation and transfer exercise that the participating units can only resolutely carry out to reduce production capacity and departments

this exercise was participated in by 18 member units of the national inter ministerial Joint Conference on maritime search and rescue, as well as the Ministry of environmental protection and 42 provincial units. A video consultation system integrating IOT, big data and cloud technology was built to realize real-time communication and interaction between ministries and provinces. Beijing jiesirui Technology Co., Ltd., as the communication link guarantee unit of this exercise, participated in and witnessed this emergency examination

for the first time, this exercise adopts the combination of national level exercises and on-site exercises to test the organization, coordination and command ability of maritime search and rescue institutions in response to major maritime emergencies in the form of actual combat. In accordance with the principle of unified command, hierarchical management and territorial based disposal of maritime emergencies, the drill headquarters at the Department, provincial and municipal levels were set up in Beijing, Guangdong and the scene to fully simulate the on-site situation of accident disposal. The scriptless drill carried out 21 scenes of five parts, including emergency response, decision-making command, emergency disposal, emergency support and media response

the video transmission of the whole exercise can see the on-site situation in real time in the national, provincial and municipal command organizations, and the video consultation at the ministerial, provincial and municipal levels; According to the flow direction and flow velocity, accurately calculate the drift path, use the Internet +, and use the video consultation system, which not only adds a thousand miles of eyes and ears to the emergency decision-making of this exercise, but also makes the real-time exchange and interaction between ministries and provinces and joint decision-making a reality. Whether in maritime search and rescue exercises or in daily maritime search and rescue practice, the supporting role of science and technology has become more and more obvious, which provides great convenience for giving better play to the advantages of inter ministerial and provincial linkage, and promoting business interaction and resource sharing among member units. The relevant person in charge of the search and rescue center for building aramid industrial clusters at sea in China said

based on industry expertise, Jethro has focused on 10 years to build an industry-leading multimedia integrated communication platform, which can effectively integrate the existing communication resources within the industry, and provide integrated communication, command and scheduling and other applications for industry users in the form of products and solutions by introducing advanced mobile broadband multimedia services and mobile public multimedia services. With its advanced technology, promising performance and reliable service in the field of new materials in 2017, Jethro's integrated communication platform has won high praise from customers, and its market share is among the top in the fields of government emergency, railway, highway, energy, airport, port, forestry and so on. The 2016 Pearl River Estuary National Maritime Search and rescue exercise once again verified the company's comprehensive strength

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