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See how XCMG's "invisible champion" will play the next "ingenuity" chess game

see how XCMG's "invisible champion" will play the next "ingenuity" chess game

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as a top construction machinery industry event, "Baumachina" (China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo) not only shows the products developed according to the Chinese customer experience to the world in the Chinese market, but also shows the world that it will promote future development with scientific and technological will, wisdom cornerstone and craftsmanship spirit. On the stage where the characteristics of global engineering have affected the competition of EPS polymerization process machinery giant, XCMG group, which is the leader of the new development direction and trend of the industry at all previous exhibitions, also officially issued the declaration of "ingenuity, smart manufacturing for you". In order to better interpret this theme, XCMG not only organized a wonderful host cluster show, but also the "invisible champion" behind mechanical equipment, the core parts product family, made an amazing appearance

smart, energy-saving and performance are the new engines for XCMG's core parts products to break the high-end situation under the new normal. "China's construction machinery industry has solved 90% of the problems, but the most critical thing is to overcome the last 10%. This is like climbing the last few hundred meters of Mount Everest, which requires greater strength, more financial resources, more wisdom and more talents." It is in accordance with the "Everest Summit theory" put forward by Wang Min, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee, that XCMG has already begun to layout the "ingenuity" chess game of core components. Among them, XCMG Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd., a parts and components enterprise founded in 1975, has been developing high-end products represented by intelligence, energy conservation and performance through more than 40 years of dedicated efforts, which has made XCMG hydraulic components not only spread all over the country, but also exported in batches to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Russia, Japan, and other countries and regions in various types of engineering machinery, port machinery, environmental sanitation machinery, coal mining machinery Marine equipment and other main engines have become "invisible champions" leading the development of independent core parts industry

with the awakening of the concept of "intelligent manufacturing" widely used by ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) and thermoplastic polyolefin elastomer (TPO), intelligent technology based on automation and digitalization has also begun to be widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry, which not only further ensures the stability of product quality, improves operation efficiency, but also helps to get rid of product homogenization The promotion of brand value has opened up a new channel. It is precisely by keenly seizing this opportunity that XCMG's core components aim at the manufacturing field of high-end hydraulic components. With XCMG's acquisition of two European enterprises, AMCA in the Netherlands and FT in Germany, and the establishment of XCMG's European Research Center, a full range of hydraulic component R & D ecosystem of "global collaboration + independent innovation" is gradually taking shape

the author learned that in order to make a comprehensive breakthrough in the hydraulic field, XCMG group successively acquired the above two well-known European hydraulic production enterprises in 2012, and invested 36million euros to establish a European research and development center in Germany, focusing on the core components and key technologies such as hydraulic valves, pumps, motors and intelligent control, forming a close cooperative relationship of global synergy, mutual connection and mutual support, Thus, it radiated a strong combat effectiveness in overcoming high-end core hydraulic components. The electronically controlled rotary buffer valve products at this exhibition are the fruits of this research and development ecosystem

as an experienced engineer of the European Research Center, Dr. ficouin joined the "CES optimization" project specifically to improve crane handling, energy saving and stability in order to solve the problem of crane slewing action. How to upgrade the buffer action? Dr. ficouin has organized video conferences for many times. In order to replace the existing hydraulic control scheme with a mature electric control scheme, he has argued with his colleagues for many times with a red face. Finally, the world's first use of an electric proportional overflow valve to realize the active buffer function of crane slewing action appeared. The new electronically controlled slewing buffer valve was more stable and smooth in the process of slewing action, which once again steadily improved XCMG's product technology breakthrough

similar collaborative research and development scenarios have been spread across the product group of XCMG hydraulic valves. Complete the processing of five valve bodies, the assembly of two sets of assemblies, and the test of one assembly within eight days... This is the R & D ability of the current XCMG hydraulic valve CES project team. The project is led by XCMG European Research Center, and jointly with XCMG heavy, XCMG hydraulic parts, and XCMG Research Institute. For the first time, the four parties have achieved collaborative research and development, so that XCMG hydraulic valve products are in control, intelligence The performance indicators such as smooth movement have been greatly improved. In XCMG's core parts exhibition hall, apvm series load sensitive multi-channel valves and manual directional valves that can withstand 250000 impact tests and 20000 directional tests, Xsv series load sensitive multi-channel valves with fault free directional impact of more than 1million times, APV series multi-channel valves of European descent and made in China are directionally developed for world-renowned ship manufacturers, All reflect that XCMG hydraulic valve products, which win with "wisdom", have become a "new trump card" for the "complete set of hydraulic system solution providers" to go international

The equipment manufacturing industry is the foundation of national economic development and an important guarantee for industrial upgrading and technological progress in various industries. In recent years, China's machinery manufacturing industry has developed by leaps and bounds, the industrial system has been continuously improved and improved, and the ability of technological innovation has also been significantly enhanced, but the attendant problems of energy consumption and pollution are more prominent. In particular, the design and manufacturing of construction machinery host products should consider adapting to the requirements of environmental and ecological development. The development of environmentally friendly products has become a major trend in the industry, which will inevitably be applied to more efficient and energy-saving parts technology. As a first-class domestic parts and components enterprise, XCMG hydraulic parts has been committed to accelerating the pace of product research and development, applying lightweight technology to the upgrading of hydraulic components, and striving to provide customers with more efficient and energy-saving hydraulic system solutions and technical support

"as a lightweight fist product that we have developed for many years, its emergence will further boost the overall performance of fire engines. In the future, we will further launch the third and fourth generation lightweight products to bring more ideal power consumption performance to the whole machine." This lightweight fist product from zhangqingshankou, the product director designer of XCMG hydraulic parts company, is the XCMG aluminum alloy telescopic water pipe that appeared at the BMW exhibition this time. The appearance of this product is the first in China. When the product is delivered, customers are all amazed by the lightweight technology that can hold the product with one hand. The main part of the product is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is 2/3 lighter than the conventional stainless steel water pipe. Through the use of special surface treatment technology and support and guidance technology, it not only has higher wear resistance and surface hardness, increases the ability to resist eccentric load, improves the service life, reduces the power consumption of the host, but also is more portable and flexible, completely getting rid of the current situation that domestic fire engines rely on imported aluminum alloy water pipes

the application of lightweight technology of parts is very important to the performance of host energy saving. It is understood that all kinds of hydraulic cylinder products such as cranes, loaders and pump trucks launched by XCMG hydraulic parts company are new energy-saving products specially designed and manufactured according to the construction characteristics of the host machine on the basis of inheriting the previous development experience. The company has been developed into flexible suture (Maxon reg;) by continuously increasing the copolymer of GA and TMC And orthopedic fixed instruments (acufex reg;) Structural optimization and analysis of lightweight applications, using high-strength new materials to replace traditional cylinder materials, so that the products have good mechanical and technological properties, and the weight of the whole cylinder is reduced by more than 20% compared with conventional products, leading the development direction of lightweight products in the future

at the same time, the remanufacturing technologies such as supersonic flame spraying and electrolyte plasma polishing displayed in the parts exhibition hall this time are also the key to creating a "green pass". At present, the remanufacturing industry is gradually becoming a new way for the construction machinery industry to actively explore and try, and it is also one of the key technologies for XCMG to maximize the residual value of its core components. In order to fully realize the value rebirth of products, the company has specially set up a remanufacture branch to focus on the key repair technologies for the remanufacture and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders, and form a remanufacture operation business framework and technical research system. It has a large number of achievements in overcoming and promoting the application of remanufacture proprietary technologies, winning the bid for the remanufacture project of large tonnage cylinders of large steel companies and the maintenance orders of imported cylinders from the United States, It has been fully proved that the post market has become another growth point for the company's business breakthrough

Ming "Xin" see "sex" 8000 hours "can't be destroyed"

because construction machinery and equipment need to work in outdoor environment, facing the challenges of harsh conditions such as wind, sand and moisture, they often rely more on the reliability of products. It can be said that no matter what the trend of industrial technology development, the stability and reliability of products must always be the first concept to adhere to, This is also the primary issue faced by construction machinery manufacturers and their supporting parts suppliers. With the release of the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use", XCMG also put forward the goal of re aiming and re focusing on key core technologies and core components. As a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, XCMG Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd. gave a satisfactory answer to this standard with 8000 hours of "indestructible"

"boom --" when the roar of excavator operation sounded, a construction site in Pilbara District, Australia also entered a hot state again. In this mining area near the equator, which is hot and dry, and the outdoor temperature is above 37 ° all the year round, a super large tonnage excavator has carried out 8000 hours of barrier free operation continuously. This achievement is precisely due to the hydraulic products of XCMG configured in its huge body. "The trouble free service time of hydraulic cylinders in China may not be up to that of some international first-line products. XCMG's parts and components products are 'gemstones' we have excavated in China!" The words of a mining area equipment director on the construction site showed his trust in XCMG's hydraulic cylinder products. The "gem" in his mouth was the excavator hydraulic cylinder displayed in XCMG's core parts exhibition hall this time. For a long time, excavator oil cylinder has been known as the "crown" product in hydraulic oil cylinder because of its characteristics of difficult research and development, complex processing technology, and poor working conditions of the main engine. Each upgrade has attracted much attention. The super large tonnage excavator boom cylinder exhibited this time is the largest tonnage excavator cylinder developed and manufactured in China by XCMG hydraulic parts company in combination with the existing technical foundation and equipment capacity. As XCMG's core parts and components, which have entered the international mainstream camp, the application of a series of new materials, new technologies and new processes has not only broken through the technical bottleneck of domestic super large excavator oil cylinder at one stroke, but also won wide praise from host users at home and abroad, and once again completed the latest development of the product concept of "leading technology and indestructible use"

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