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See how udesk's cloud call center can quickly help enterprises improve office efficiency

udesk business card: Beijing Wofeng times data Technology Co., Ltd. (ESK. CN, abbreviated as udesk). The company has been established for three years. Udesk specializes in providing enterprises with four hottest projects in the Internet industry: Call Center, customer service system, work order system and automatic chat robot. At present, it has provided call center solutions for tens of thousands of enterprises and built nearly 10000 sets of customer service systems, involving more than ten industries such as Internet finance, e-commerce, wechat, banking insurance, automobile transportation, medical health, education and training, tourism, etc, These include oneapm, Yi Youdao, testin, life for half an hour, people and other large enterprises. In 2015, the domestic SaaS investment market was very popular. In April, udesk, which focuses on the enterprise level intelligent customer service platform, received a round a investment of $3million from DCM. At present, there are no heavyweight players in this field. Based on the huge market behind it, this DCM capital injection undoubtedly injected a strong capital flow for udesk to lead the domestic intelligent customer service platform market

the call center is an enterprise unified management system based on technologies such as IVR, CTI, inpx, PBX, REC, etc. it has voice navigation functions, customer evaluation system, and recording function. Although the machines of external machinery companies are almost producing such functions as conical bag building, customer service problem knowledge base, customer information management system, station customer service system, station customer service system, enterprise chat function, work order system, report system, etc. There are many functions of call center, such as improving the office efficiency, enterprise efficiency, customer satisfaction, corporate image, etc

this article focuses on udesk call center to talk about how enterprises can improve work efficiency

batch call, release both hands

click dial and batch group call are the most important functions of the call center. Traditional manual dialing has low efficiency and high error rate, which seriously affects the work and mood of salesmen and customer service personnel. And udesk call center system click dialing can realize computer Click to call out, keyboard input to call out, etc., which improves the efficiency of manual dialing, and the error rate is almost zero, saving and using the most extensive time and energy wasted on dialing before. When a large number of numbers need to be called out, udesk call center supports batch outbound calls to import customer numbers, so that the call center system can directly and intelligently arrange the call out, set the time interval and call strategy, and intelligently plan the daily call tasks

the comparison of manual dialing, click dialing and batch outbound calls is shown in the following table:

IVR with knowledge base, customer service work tirelessly

any product is familiar to manufacturers, and then the users of the product still have such and such questions. How to make the staff not tired of answering the same question of different users, which requires the automatic navigation function of the call center, Setting standard answers to common questions in combination with knowledge base, clear and gentle bel canto recording, and realizing 7 * 24-hour automatic operation can not only save a lot of time, let staff deal with things that need manual processing and attention, but also give customers a good experience and improve customer satisfaction

business work timing plan, customer information call pop-up screen

business personnel deal with their intended customers every day. They need to choose the time, think about the problems discussed with customers, the doubts of customers, the price previously communicated and other information. Staff often need to find customers from a pile of customer data and books and record relevant information, but over time, The previously contacted customers call again, but they have forgotten that the previous communication needs to be negotiated again, and the price will also change, which is the reason for the loss of favor for customers

udesk call center reminds customers of basic information through the incoming call pop-up screen. No matter how old the customer information is, there will no longer be the embarrassment of the salesperson forgetting the customer, nor will there be inconsistent words and deeds. While the planning task can remind the salesperson of the customers who need to contact, and no longer waste time on recording and allocating time

work order system, professional processes are completed with one click

work orders are materials and resources that enterprises will inevitably contact in operation. Common work orders include appointment service orders, purchase orders, shipping orders, complaint suggestions, registration forms, etc. There are many kinds. The "made in China 2025" issued by the State Council clearly states that by 2020, an enterprise may have dozens of single types. After filling in, it also needs a series of complex and cumbersome operations, such as printing, signing, stamping, handover, processing, feedback results, etc. The purely manual processing process is not only inefficient, but also easy to invalidate the single form due to non-standard operations, which needs to be repeated, It seriously affects the work order processing efficiency and processing results

the work order system of udesk call center will disperse the forces of research and development, production and so on. You can add customized forms and precautions for single types, remind the staff to fill in the necessary information, save it and send it to sign for approval, and directly wait for the information feedback

office efficiency is an indicator that determines the development, comprehensive competitiveness and even survival of an enterprise. Imagine that even a rising enterprise, with several times the office efficiency of its peers, why can't it stand firm in the industry, push ahead, and catch up from behind is no longer far away

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