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Promote the revolution of energy supply and establish a diversified supply system; Promote the revolution of energy technology and promote industrial upgrading; Promote the revolution of energy system and open up the fast lane of energy development; Strengthen international cooperation in an all-round way to achieve energy security under open conditions

it can be seen that the purpose of the new round of power reform is to solve the problem of overcapacity. Through market-oriented selection of a large number of products with independent intellectual property rights and preemptive skills, we can eliminate old enterprises with low consumption and low capacity, and finally realize energy revolution and capacity upgrading

second, why should the state power system introduce power selling companies

the core content of the new round of power reform is to open both ends, control the middle, and let the market eliminate the fittest. The introduction of power selling companies is to open the power selling link and introduce social capital. At present, the transmission and distribution of electricity are completed by South Korea or China, so there is an objective monopoly. Users have no choice or bargaining power, and can only accept it passively. However, the participation of multiple power selling companies can introduce market competition, so that you can choose the cheapest or most suitable power price scheme among different power selling companies (note that the power supply quality will not change due to the choice of power selling companies, and the power supply quality is guaranteed by the power transmission and distribution companies.) At the same time, power selling companies will do a lot of energy management services

third, why can power selling companies buy cheaper electricity

this is the result of market competition. There are many options for power plants to represent more electricity. In order to compete for electricity, power plants are bound to make profits

IV. will buying electricity from power selling companies affect the service quality of power supply departments to power consuming enterprises

from the perspective of national policy, it is absolutely not, because first, there is policy support, and second, it will not affect the interests of the power supply sector

v. has the power supply mode changed when enterprises buy electricity from power selling companies

in addition to the change of electricity price, the second is that there is no change in innovative resources, innovative power, electricity consumption methods and payment processes

VI. what is the assessment of electricity deviation in trading

power deviation is inevitable. Since the medium and long-term trading contract volume of power is the planned value, deviation will occur when the contract power is not equal to the actual power consumption. Deviation beyond the specified range is equivalent to disrupting the power generation plan of the power plant and wasting resources, so deviation assessment and punishment should be carried out

VII. As we mentioned above, if the power supply company creates difficulties and obstacles in terms of service quality and power supply guarantee for the enterprises that sign up for the power sales company, how can the power sales company come forward to solve these problems

appeal to the provincial development and Reform Commission and the energy bureau according to law

VIII. Is it better to talk about the proportion of profits or the specific price reduction amount between power consuming enterprises and power selling companies

it depends on the relationship between the power selling company and users and the degree of control over users' power consumption. Talking about the sharing proportion means that the risk is small and the income is small. Talking directly about the price reduction quota is risky and profitable. In the case of not very mature electricity consumption for users, 1. The thermal insulation performance is equivalent to gambling

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