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Look at how the employees of China heavy truck Hangfa accept the recruitment of "high order"

look at how the employees of China heavy truck Hangfa accept the recruitment of "high order"

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information from Hangfa company. In 2015, engine orders of Hangfa company have been rising all the way, and the market situation is very gratifying. In the face of the continuously rising number of orders, the cadres and workers of the company's production system quickly invested in the first battle of the new year. According to the market orders, the manufacturing department, together with the assembly and commissioning department, the quality department, the MC processing department, the 615 processing department, the casting manufacturing department, and other departments, actively deployed and integrated internal human resources, especially for urgent order delivery, and took the key bottleneck way of going to work at the wrong time, overcoming various difficulties. Being familiar with the operation process is also a kind of protection for the use of the machine. At the same time, by gradually improving the efficiency of shift production and working overtime, Ensure the delivery of urgent orders

according to the information from the company's assembly and commissioning department, in January, the company's MC series engine output exceeded the 1000 mark for the first time, achieving a good performance of 1037 units in storage that month, breaking the highest monthly output record of the company since the new products were put into production

since last October, the assembly and adjustment department has prepared for a rainy day by reasonably allocating 615 assembly personnel by grinding in advance to prepare personnel for the rapid growth of MC products. At the same time, it has stepped up the production and configuration of tooling and tools to meet the increasing demand of production. The production capacity of MC assembly line has formed a production capacity of 70 sets in 12 hours. With the addition of machining personnel, In March, the capacity of 100 sets per day will be formed

in the face of the rapid growth of single shift production, the whole MC assembly team overcame a series of situations, such as diverse models, complicated materials, faster pace of post points, insufficient tooling and equipment, etc. the engineer led the front-line staff to analyze and troubleshoot post by post, found problems, immediately analyzed and rectified them until the problems were solved, so as to ensure the normal operation of the production line according to the beat. For the assembly of the machine after the variant is maintained for a period of time (about 15 seconds), the MC assembly line has set up a change point management Kanban, which effectively reduces the problems of wrong and missing assembly; In view of the continuous increase of new employees, the line adopts the method of "one staring at one" regular spot inspection to ensure that new employees can take up their posts and make a smooth transition

the sharp rise in production orders has also brought great pressure to the coating line production of the assembly and adjustment department. As it is only applicable to the testing and inspection of a large number of samples or products, the coating line is a co production line of 615 products and MC products, plus two products at the same time. In order to ensure that orders are delivered on time, the coating line adjusts the staffing in time, and divides the online staff into two shifts, each working for 12 hours, to actively deal with high production in the way of 24 hours a day. Due to continuous morning and evening shift production, many employees stick to their posts with illness

with the sharp rise of production orders, especially the rapid increase of MC products, the production pressure of the casting manufacturing department has also risen sharply. How to overcome the difficulty of insufficient staffing and coordinate the production of MC products and 615 products has become a difficult problem for the casting manufacturing department and all employees. The casting department held a special meeting for production mobilization. With the joint efforts of all employees, the production tasks in January were completed as planned

in order to ensure the completion of MC product production tasks, the staff of the casting department worked hard. The production of MC crankcase core making line of cast-i site division was carried out in a 24-hour two shift system. On January 29, when the equipment was cleaned and spot checked during and after the evening shift, Liu Yuefei, deputy leader of the body core making group, found that there was oil leakage on the top plate of No. 2 cold core machine, and there was a trend of expansion. At this time, it was 4:30 in the morning. Liu Yuefei, who was supposed to leave work, waited until it was just dawn, and he continued to look for the oil leakage regardless of fatigue, Finally, it was found that the sealing ring was damaged due to the loosening of the nut on the front end of the locking cylinder. Conventional industrial technology can be used to manufacture oil leakage at low cost and in a wide range, so it was repaired in time and preventive and improvement measures for this problem were formulated together with technicians. All improvement measures were implemented. It was 3 p.m. on the 30th. On this day, he had worked continuously for 20 hours. Ding Shuliang, the on-site engineer, takes the lead in working for 12 hours every day. It is common for him to work late in the morning in case of emergencies in the production process. On January 27, after completing the 12 hour day shift production task, kW team leaders Zhang Xiangwen, Jiang Fengfei and equipment technician Yao Shunhua continued to work until 11:30 p.m. in order to solve the problem of the car not in place, and didn't leave work until the fault was completely eliminated; Shexiaowei, the leader of the second core group, and Jiang Jindong, Pan Yi, the equipment technicians, should not only complete the daily production tasks, but also cooperate with the installation and commissioning of the MC cylinder head sand core storage project at the weekend, and carry out independent preservation work on the loramendi core making center

at about 7 p.m. on January 30, the shaker of the desander of the BMD molding line of the casting department broke down suddenly, and the whole molding line could not be produced. At this time, the front face machining urgently needed 615 cylinder head castings of the new structure and MC cylinder head castings for production and storage, so as to carry out the double pressure of installation, commissioning and switching of the storage in front of the furnace of the cylinder head surface drying furnace on time. In the afternoon of February 2, as soon as the exciter shell parts arrived at the modeling line site, engineer Ding Shuliang immediately dispatched the maintenance backbone of the divisional kW line, sand return and sand mixing teams to form an emergency repair team with the BMD line team for emergency repair. According to the repair project that required two days according to the routine progress, the members of the emergency repair team overcame the high-intensity physical expenditure, and simply completed the emergency repair at 11:10 p.m. by taking shifts for meals and taking turns for rest, which fully demonstrated the team spirit of the staff of the casting department to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties, as well as the spirit of being brave to pay and take responsibility

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