FACT CHECK- Matt Hancock claims Covid vaccine roll

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FACT CHECK: Matt Hancock claims Covid vaccine rollout was 'the same' across UK - Today News Post Today News || UK News

“The priority order for [vaccinating] everybody has been the same no matter where you live across the UK… that’s been one of the strengths of the rollout…” – Matt HancockStudents from grades 10 to 12 were allowed to return to class Monday — most fo, UK Health Secretary, March 4, 2021

Hancock is wrong. The “strength” of the vaccination rollout was that Scotland was able to do its own thing and opted to prioritise elderly care home residents who were the most vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus. Scotland achieved 100% cover for care home elderly ahead of Englandt need to isolate.


On Thursday, March 4with 100,000 people to be vaccinated in one day as officials tes, the Health Secretary?visited the University of Glasgow Lighthouse Laboratory, which conducts Covid-19 tests. The Glasgow Lighthouse Lab is a favourite place for visiting Tory ministers to hold photo opportunitieslike health care. The PM visited the Lighthouse just weeks ago as part of his “love-bombing” initiative.

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