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Shenzhen new TV media organization

New TV media organization, led by professional film and television production, has developed to this day, with the quintessence of heroes and 18 kinds of martial arts. Based on high-quality service and honesty, we have developed into an elite team with strong post production of professional photography and photography to aggravate the oil leakage phenomenon. We are located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, with strong and professional technical strength. We have sophisticated production equipment. In the spirit of dedication and dedication, we are determined to build a brand-new banner in the imaging industry. Through the precise positioning of the media market, with sharp eyes and sharp thinking, we can provide our customers with personalized and professional whole process services by using media resources and business channels. So as to achieve the ultimate goal of integrating resources for our customers and creating value-added profits

the main service items of our company are as follows:

1. Enterprise promotional film ◆ product feature film ◆ feature film planning ◆ image promotional film ◆ television advertising film ◆ demonstration film ◆ function film ◆ direct selling film ◆ advertising photography

2. Various forums, conferences, lectures, training, celebrations, exhibitions, evenings, activities, single seat, multi seat, multi angle photography, on-site switching synchronous projection, Non linear post editing

the main creators are as follows:

main cameraman Da Xiong:

has been engaged in the television industry for many years, and once served as the chief cameraman in Daya Bay TV station, Shenzhen TV financial channel, Guangdong satellite TV column "home world". Post editing is skilled in corporate event planning, publicity and shooting

post director Haiqing:

graduated from Beijing Academy of radio, film and television, engaged in film and television post production, with 5 years of marketing experience; Specializing in 3D animation, post AE packaging, PR non-linear editing, his works have won the CCTV DV award


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