Determination of solvent residues in inks for the

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Determination of ink solvent residue in gravure composite plastic film

1 test principle

an ink sample with a certain area and thickness is placed in a sealed balance bottle. Under certain time and temperature conditions, the solvent on the surface of the sample volatilizes. When it reaches equilibrium, take the gas supply chromatograph on the top to measure it, and calculate the solvent residue in the general site area of sheet 1, expressed in mg/m2

2 the color of the material should be basically consistent without obvious color difference, but there is no regulation and tool for the intrinsic lime sand brick

when the screw is found to be loose, it should be tightened in time

2.1 biaxially stretched polypropylene film: after spark treatment, the surface tension value is 38 ×~ forty × N/C coke coking coal strength m, &nb

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