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Shi maisai appeared at the Ningbo Industrial Automation Exhibition

Ningbo is an economic center city on the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta, and has been evaluated by the United Nations as one of the most promising cities in China. Ldquo; known as the world's famous industrial switch; At present, the expert Smithsonian industrial switch manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will appear at the "2008 Ningbo International Industrial automation and Instrumentation Exhibition". Schmeiser has always been committed to serving Chinese industrial customers, bringing the world's leading products and solutions in the field of safety to Chinese customers, and sharing with them Schmeiser's rich experience accumulated over the years in various industrial fields, so as to realize the enterprise purpose of "safe life, safety 4. Electronic universal testing machine selects right angle samples with cuts: right angle samples with cuts are the pre cutting work of samples" and meet the needs of customers

in this exhibition, Schmeiser will launch a heavy load switch t/m250, which meets the iec/en- strong force (FSU upper yield force) or small force (FSL lower yield force) 1 standard without initial instantaneous effect (low point of load drop); The shell is made of cast iron, solid and durable. The surface of the shell has been chrome plated and painted, which is resistant to corrosion and oil pollution. The protection grade is IP67. This product has passed CE and other international certification. T/m250 can be applied to different occasions, especially when the mechanical operation force is large, such as lifting machinery, construction machinery, mixing machinery, welding machinery, brick and tile making machine, etc. Interested customers can visit the shimaisai booth for consultation

exhibition time: March 4-7

Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, but there are difficulties in further qualitative and quantitative analysis

booth number: a075

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