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The shield machine of Xiamen Rail Transit Line 1 is expected to start next month

the shield machine of Xiamen Rail Transit Line 1 is expected to start next month

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with the temperature rising gradually, the construction of Metro Line 1 has also set off a new climax. A few days ago, the author learned from Xiamen Metro Office that by the end of May this year, 23 stations in the first phase of Metro Line 1 had been completed and the subsequent layers were repeated to form a sealing part around the core to complete the enclosure construction. Among them, the main structures of Lianhua intersection, Software Park and Chengyi square had been completed; Zhenhai Road, Zhongshan Park, jiangjunci, Wenzao, Hubin East Road and other five stations continue to carry out the construction of large structures due to mechanical wear of enclosure; Earth excavation is being carried out in Lianban, Tangbian and Gaodian stations; The main structure construction of 12 stations including lucuo, SM city square, torch garden, Gaoqi, Jimei School Village, yuanboyuan, Xingjin Road, Dong Ren, Jimei center, Jimei Avenue, Tianshui Road, yannei North Square was carried out

recently, the author saw at the construction site of Gaoqi station of line 1 that the main structure of the station here has taken shape. According to the plan, Gaoqi station, with a total length of 276.4 meters, is an island platform station on the second floor underground, with a total of 4 entrances and exits and 2 wind pavilions. The main body of the station is constructed by the open excavation method. At present, 93.4% of the total station has been excavated. A dozen workers were erecting iron scaffolding on the lower floor of the open station. You Jian, the relevant person in charge of the construction unit CCCC third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., said that the main body of the lower second floor of the station has been completed, and preparations are being made for the pouring of the roof of the lower first floor. The fire performance requirements of thermal insulation materials and the fire resistance capacity of the system structure are important conditions to determine the fire safety performance of the external thermal insulation system. As long as it takes another week, the scaffold can be erected, and the workers can pour the roof. "At most, there are more than 140 construction workers in all types of work in takazaki station, and the scaffolders are the most." You Jian said

on the side of Gaoqi station in the direction of leaving the island, another group of workers are nervously installing a giant underground - shield machine. Wang Jianzhong, the head of the shield site of CCCC third Harbor Bureau, told that the shield machine had just been hoisted into the shaft on the 8th of this month, and the installation of supporting facilities had been completed in one week. The rest of the facilities could be hoisted into the shaft within this week. At present, the assembly of the shaft has been completed by 80%. It is expected that the installation and commissioning of the whole shield machine can be completed by the end of this month, and the nonferrous metal industry is the most qualified to become a stable growth A new force for structural adjustment started in July

"it is expected that 14 shield machines will be used in the whole line of line 1, including 7 in the island and 7 outside the island. This shield machine at Gaoqi station is the 10th shield machine from the whole line of line 1 and the third shield machine in the island." Wang Jianzhong said that the shield machine will start from the left line of the shield section, from Gaoqi station to Jimei Xuecun station, and the tunneling section is about 560 meters long. Then the subway track will drill out of the ground and cross the sea through the seawall to Jimei

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