Determination of the action value of the hottest p

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Determination of the action value of the protector

measure the leakage current in the low-voltage network. The test steps are as follows: first disconnect the grounding wire of the neutral point of the distribution transformer, connect a Ma meter with small internal resistance between the N line and the PE line, first send out a branch, and the other branches are out of service. The measured unbalanced leakage current is the leakage current of this branch. Use this method to measure the leakage current of other branches and the total leakage current of the low-voltage network. It should be noted that since the insulation resistance of low-voltage network changes greatly due to the climate (refers to the change within a year), the field measured value should be corrected before it can be used as the action current value, that is:

I △ n=k I0

I △ n residual current acts as the action current value of the total protector, Ma

i0 unbalanced leakage current measured on site, Jinan assaying manufacturer promised, Ma

k seasonal correction coefficient. For non rainy season measurement, K is taken as 3.0. For the research and development of each kind of experimental machine, we will truly and effectively analyze the samples for rainy season measurement, and K is taken as 1.5

although the action current value determined in this way can avoid the misoperation of the protector, it also reduces the protection effect. The best way is to select the protector with adjustable action current value, that is, in non rainy seasons, reduce the action current value; When it is rainy season, increase the action current value. In this way, the determination method of the action current value should be: the measured unbalanced leakage current in non rainy season and rainy season multiplied by the coefficient 1.5 respectively, that is, the actual action value of the protector in non rainy season and rainy season. In this way, the set value will have less harmful consequences of electric shock

in order to avoid frequent maloperation of the total protector, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased the development of emerging markets of extruders and have greater protection function against direct contact electric shock on the network in recent years. Its action current should be as small as possible when avoiding the normal leakage current. The allowable maximum leakage current of low-voltage power network should be considered from the actual situation of low-voltage network in China, as well as personal and equipment safety. It is clearly stipulated in relevant regulations that the leakage current of low-voltage power installed with residual current action general protection shall not be greater than 50% of the rated residual current action current of the protector

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