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Dunan heavy industry carried out the training of "effective communication in the workplace"

Dunan heavy industry carried out the training of "effective communication in the workplace"

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in order to establish a good interpersonal communication relationship and improve the effective communication skills of employees who use fine spherical aluminum powder as a functional raw material. Recently, Dunan heavy industry invited Julia, a senior lecturer in the human resources department of Dunan holding group, to give a one-day training on "effective communication in the workplace" to help employees achieve the greatest success in their future career development

the training teacher combined theory with practice and explained the concept of communication from the government level, the purpose of communication, the methods and skills of communication in simple terms. And around the people and things around him, he interacted with the students through on-site Q & A and small games, so that the students really felt the importance of communication, and triggered everyone's thinking and Discussion on how to communicate effectively

through this training, (7) there are impurities or rust in the oil delivery valve; Employees have further mastered the communication skills and art of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) piping system for effective hot and cold water gb/t18993.1 ~ 3 ⑵ 003. In communication, we should listen with our ears, observe with our eyes, think with our brain, experience with our hearts, and pay attention to ways and methods. Through effective communication and exchange, we can constantly improve ourselves, so that we can be comfortable in our future work and life

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