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A few days ago, in the Changchun metro project constructed by the first company of China Railway 22nd bureau group, technicians used technological tools to escort the safe departure of "Tiedun 3" shield machine through innovative construction technology, The tunneling construction of the right line tunnel between the South Ring Road station and the central business district station of Changchun Metro Line 1 began. This section is the longest shield section under construction in Changchun at present, and this project has also become the first unit to complete the left and right double track shield launching in Changchun in 2015

this time, the shield machine on the right line starts in a 26.8m long underground tunnel, which has high construction difficulty. Shield starting is a key link in the construction process of shield tunnel. In the traditional process, the reinforced concrete structure of the end wall in front of the cutterhead needs to be manually broken to expose the soil layer before the shield machine can start. However, due to the complex geology, rich groundwater and other factors, it is often accompanied by huge safety hazards. On the premise of the narrow space of the underground tunnel, the technical personnel of the project department, after many scheme optimization, finally used the glass fiber reinforced concrete to replace the traditional reinforced concrete structure, so that the shield machine can directly cut the end wall structure. There are different buttons and control keys in the pressure testing machine, eliminating major hidden dangers such as the collapse of the tunnel face, Improving the technical system of Superalloy improves the safety and accelerates the construction progress

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