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Shenzhou 8 spacecraft carrying "paint dream" soared to the sky

the spokesman of China's manned space engineering announced at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on the 31st that the fifth meeting of the headquarters of the "Tiangong-1/Shenzhou-8 rendezvous and docking mission" decided that the "Shenzhou-8" spacecraft was aimed at 5:58 Beijing time on November 1. In order to attract the attention of the whole society to the aerospace industry and stimulate the public's enthusiasm for participating in Aerospace Science and technology activities, China Aerospace news previously hosted a large-scale public solicitation activity of "hand in hand with Shenzhou 8 · rendezvous dream" to press a dent on the surface of the sample. After screening, the collected dreams have the opportunity to be stored in a special "dream chip" and travel in space with Shenzhou 8 spacecraft. This activity has aroused strong repercussions in the whole society. The paint industry, which makes exquisite, professional and high-end "coats" for Shenzhou 8 spacecraft, will also travel in space on Shenzhou 8. Under the severe development situation, the special coatings used in spacecraft also bear the dream of the coating industry

the development of special aviation industrial coatings is "dazzling"

it is reported that the special aviation industrial coatings of many well-known enterprises in China have been applied to Shenzhou 8 spacecraft, attracting attention

on the morning of August 3, 2011, the "iron wall" series products independently developed and produced by Fujian enterprise Shanwaishan Coating Technology Development Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract with Beijing Shenjian Shenzhou space Biotechnology Center. This series of products will travel in space on "Shenzhou 8". It is reported that this is the first private enterprise to carry products to heaven. "Copper wall and iron wall" products are a series of new coating special adhesives, which are mainly used in the fields of construction, highways, high-speed railways, tunnels, wharves, steel products, automobile underbody prediction, wear status plate of mechanical equipment and so on. This product is also used in the subgrade of Xiangtan section of Wuhan Guangzhou high speed railway, which has been opened to traffic at present

according to other data, the exterior temperature testing paint of Shenzhou series rockets is all developed and produced by the northern Coating Industry Research Institute, a local enterprise in Gansu Province. This special temperature testing paint is also used in Shenzhou VII and Shenzhou VIII series rockets. Northern coatings industry research and Design Institute is committed to the development and research of new technologies, new products and new processes of coatings, pigments and additives in China. For more than 30 years, it has undertaken most of the paint and pigment research topics of the national "Fifth Five Year Plan" to the "Tenth Five Year plan" development plan, and has developed more than 600 scientific research achievements for the national economy and national defense construction. After being successfully applied to Shenzhou "5", "6" and "7" space drinking water tanks, the food grade container coating provided by Shanghai paint research institute was successfully coated on the Shenzhou 8 space water tank. Since the "Shangtu brand" food container coating was applied to the aerospace water tank, it has been highly praised by the National Aerospace Department and astronauts

in addition, in the supply chain management, Tianjin Light Tower paint developed "three anti insulation performance" paint products with super salt spray, moisture and heat resistance and mold resistance for Tiangong-1, which also traveled in space and successfully dressed up for Tiangong-1; Shanghai Zhenhua paint factory "only needs one control mode of speed to fly". Tiger paint escorts the electronic equipment of the manned space flight of "Shenzhou VII..."

it can be seen that special aerospace industrial coatings have played a very important role in the development of China's aerospace technology, and increasingly highlight its good market prospects

"paint dream" light up the reality of the industry

recently, some insiders called "the bright future of China's paint industry has begun to cast a shadow". Indeed, with the intensification of market competition and the impact of the macroeconomic environment, China's coating industry is facing a severe development situation, and the days of sitting and making money in the coating industry are gone forever. For this statement, many optimists in the industry are still full of confidence in the development prospects of the industry. In fact, whether pessimistic or optimistic, the most important thing for the coating industry is pragmatism. This "pragmatism" includes many aspects, such as technological innovation, product research and development, quality improvement, channel construction, market expansion, and so on

the application of coatings on Shenzhou VIII spacecraft provides several inspirations for the development of the industry:

first, technology improvement and its application are the key. In the case of increasing production costs, talking about technology upgrading may be unrealistic for coating enterprises, and it is nonsense for small and medium-sized coating enterprises facing survival crisis. However, from the development of enterprises providing Aerospace coatings for Shenzhou VIII spacecraft, it is not difficult to see that the investment and improvement of technology is not achieved overnight, but a long-term investment and development process. Whoever can seize the opportunity to increase investment in advance will be able to "soar to the sky" in the future competition. At present, there is little talk about the improvement and application of technology in the coating industry, and even there is a poor connection between technology and practical application. The author of HC360 paint believes that under the current situation, enterprises that are capable of technological upgrading can take this as a weapon to break through the difficulties, and enterprises that do not have sufficient strength can also consider how to improve relevant technologies within the scope of affordability. After all, in an environment of intense competition, excellent product quality can have enough say and resist pressure

secondly, the key point is to expand the long-term stable market. With the gradual increase of unstable factors in the market environment, the pattern of sitting on money in the coating industry has been broken. Therefore, the coating industry needs to improve the sense of hardship, size up the situation and make layout in advance. In the era of homogenization and low profit, coating enterprises should try to expand the long-term stable and guaranteed market. For special Aerospace coatings, the sustainable development of China's aerospace industry will drive its long-term development, and the construction of affordable housing in China also provides a broad and stable development space for the coating industry. Coating enterprises should vigorously expand this market

thirdly, exploring new profit growth points is the way. The paint industry is currently in an era of homogenization and low profit, and the market is becoming saturated. Therefore, seeking market segmentation, or innovating characteristic products and services, and seeking new profit growth points have become the current problems that coating enterprises need to solve. The technology industry has a specialty, which is fully illustrated by the various subdivisions of special coatings applied by the above coating enterprises in Shenzhou VIII coating

the flying of Shenzhou VIII is of great significance to China's space industry. Its successful launch and docking with Tiangong-1 marks that China has preliminarily mastered the space rendezvous and docking capability. At the same time, it will also carry the "paint dream" to travel in space

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