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Recently, Mr. Shi maisai, President of Shi maisai group, a world-renowned industrial switch manufacturer, came to Shanghai to understand and guide his work. During his stay in Shanghai, Mr. Shi maisai, the president, and Dr. Liu Youqi, the general manager of Shi maisai industrial switch manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., visited Qingpu Industrial Park and discussed with the park leaders about land transfer. Shimaisai industrial switch manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will purchase 10000 square meters of land for the expansion of the new plant of universal testing machine as an automobile testing instrument. The new plant is planned to be built on four floors, with a total construction area of about 15000 square meters, seven times the current plant area. According to the requirements of the headquarters, the new plant will be designed according to German standards and building quality, and the German architectural design institute will carry out architectural design and consultation, so as to ensure the building quality of the plant on August 27th, 2018 and provide a good and comfortable modern working environment and conditions for the company's employees

in addition, Mr. Shi maisai also paid a detailed visit to the current production and assembly workshop, warehousing and logistics and localization process, and held a meeting of department managers and managers to introduce the current sales situation of the group, the future development strategy of Shi maisai and the assumption of new plants. In the future, with the continuous strengthening of localized production capacity, the continuous improvement of localized R & D capacity, and the effective improvement of internal management and execution efficiency, it is believed that the sales volume, market share, technology and quality of SMEC will gradually increase. In recent years, SMEC has also carried out a lot of research in iron-based, iron nickel based alloys and titanium alloys, which will be a new starting point and a new height to be expected

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