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Shida tools, together with zehe industry and trade, sounded the horn of the double 11 shopping Carnival

Shida tools, together with zehe industry and trade, sounded the horn of the double 11 shopping Carnival

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"double 11" has become a shopping carnival for consumers. Now, it is not only a festival of crazy shopping for online hand choppers, but also gradually evolved into a shopping feast for physical store consumers. Good news came from zehe industry and trade. This year, zehe industry and trade comprehensively launched the double 11 promotion activities online and offline, and the sales of physical stores have increased by more than 50% synchronously, further detonating the holiday atmosphere of double 11

headquartered in Hangzhou, zehe industry and trade is a company with tools, electromechanical equipment, abrasive tools, cutting tools, instruments and meters, electrical materials, lighting appliances, pneumatic Hydraulic components, fasteners, security supplies, rubber and plastic products, spare parts, 12 categories, nearly 30000 kinds of well-known industrial products at home and abroad, professional and systematic solutions can provide efficient procurement services for customers in urban construction, industrial products manufacturing, civil products manufacturing and other industries

the person in charge said in an interview: "Zehe industry and trade was founded in the early 1990s. Looking back on the development process of nearly three decades, we have taken meeting the needs of customers as the fundamental development direction and have been going to this day. We will unswervingly provide customers and producers of various graphene reinforced composite materials with professional products, product selection, product distribution and other efficient services. While developing, we will also continue to launch various preferential activities to feed back to new and old users who support zehe, and After the double 11 Shopping Festival was born, zehe will participate in the carnival in the form of online and offline linkage every year. This year is no exception. Fortunately, it has received the strong support of SATA. During the carnival, there are also some alloy SATA products with certain characteristics developed by some companies in online and offline stores. All products of SATA are given a 10% discount. We have always believed in the concept of honesty and trustworthiness, service first, people-oriented, tensile experiment and the pursuit of excellence, The launch of this year's double 11 series of preferential activities also represents that we are taking practical actions to serve many online and offline customers, so that they can feel zehe's gratitude and feedback for their long-term support. "

as one of the industry and trade enterprises that took the lead in launching the online and offline promotion activities of the double ten front line, zehe has always guaranteed high-quality and professional support services through a strong marketing network. Tips for online and offline friendship: if there are unclear places, value-added surprises and super large feedback are set in the activities, showing the full sincerity of Hangzhou zehe industry and trade

at the end of the year, there is no fear of more housework. Choosing the right tools is the key. There are more interesting and affordable surprises waiting for you to go to the zehe offline carnival site of Keao electromechanical hardware market and tmall flagship store to unlock

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