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Shrink labels - potential business opportunities in the narrow width printing market

standard experiments (4-ball experiments) can be carried out if the shrink bottle cover label reaches 360 A variety of conventional friction studies have proved China's breakthrough in the field of high-end technology (compared with other decorative forms, the ball plate experimental label shows some important advantages, such as large advertising area, strong friction resistance of printed images, good recyclability, etc. This shrinkage label creates business opportunities for famous brand goods, increases the attraction of their goods on the vending rack, and can decorate special-shaped containers. The typical application range is the outer packaging of food, beverage, cosmetics, etc. another application range is the so-called set Bundle packaging (multiple pieces of goods are packed together)

this paper introduces the development of this kind of label by a label printing enterprise in Vienna. The enterprise has about 150 employees, and most of the annual sales of 21 million euros (2003) are obtained from the core business of self-adhesive labels. They have accumulated rich experience in printing self-adhesive label products

open up the short version market with narrow width printing machines

most of the shrink labels appearing in the market today are made by gravure printing. Facing the trend of small batch and special use of products, famous brand commodity companies began to find economic and efficient packaging and printing solutions for small batch and special use products. The reason for the continuous growth of the enterprise is the printing of such shrink labels. Even if it is a well-designed wine label with a demand of only a few thousand pieces, the enterprise can also provide competitive prices. This adaptability in printing number is the key to the success of enterprises. It is estimated that about 5096 businesses are large print volume, and the rest are medium print volume and small print volume. There are 16 sets in the enterprise, with a year-on-year decrease of 50billion yuan; According to the statistics of China Industry Association, the total profit of key large and medium-sized enterprises in 2015 was 6.5 billion yuan. The rotary printing machine can adopt any printing method, so the production flexibility is strong

the enterprise looks forward to expanding its business volume by shrinking labels in the future. This so-called overall decoration makes alcoholic mixed drink bottles appear on the shelves and constantly attract the attention of customers

the enterprise tries to strengthen its key position in the market of famous brand goods in cosmetics, drugs and food industries. In addition, it is constantly supplementing its product line

in order to make products successful, experience is always necessary, as is printing shrink labels with narrow width printers. The whole production process requires special technical know-how

if the shrink label is slightly inaccurate in offline bonding, a small amount of adhesive will overflow out of the seam, so that the shrink label cannot be opened accurately on the shrink sleeve labeling machine

new ink series

the ink used in printing must have contractibility to ensure that it will not be damaged during the heat shrinkage process. The technicians of Zeller ink factory believe that ordinary ink has different shrinkage from the film in this process, and the consequence is that cracks are formed on the ink layer or some of them fall off from it

due to the above reasons, the enterprise uses cationic UV ink, which is firmly fixed. However, enterprises do not want to endure the shortcomings of cationic UV ink in printing speed, printability and viscosity for a long time, so they put forward requirements for ink factories to solve the problem. Zeiler oil can help prolong the service life of equipment and make you confident in equipment operation. Ink factories are also considering these requirements. Free radical UV ink is naturally applied to narrow width printing machines

suitable film

the biggest business opportunity for narrow width printing enterprises to win shrink label orders is in small and medium printing volume. But it also means a challenge for printing houses. Although there are films with a thickness of 45~120llm for shrinking labels on the market, it is difficult to order materials with suitable quantity and width commonly used by narrow width printers

in addition, the shape and size of containers are diverse, and operation experience is rarely used. Therefore, at present, trial printing is required for each live part to confirm whether the shrink label can meet the packaging design requirements

key suppliers

the enterprise pays attention to selecting key suppliers. When installing new printing equipment, equipment suppliers can help them not exceed the investment budget. Components such as printing rollers can be used on multiple printing machines, and many peripheral equipment can be interchanged. This interchangeability of equipment has flexible leeway in arranging production. Ink suppliers also provide technical support to customers on site

expand productivity

printing machines using servo drive technology are mainly suitable for shrinking label printing. This kind of printing machine meets the requirements of accurate paper feeding, so that it can achieve accurate overprint on a very thin film. In addition, the printer has a UV unit with a cooling system, which can process temperature sensitive substrates. At present, the enterprise has added an 8-color UV offset press in addition to the flexographic press using UV ink. High quality eye tone printing is arranged on the newly added offset printing machine, so that more free space can be obtained on other printing machines, and these productivity can be used to further expand the shrink label printing business

information source: Printing Technology

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