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An appropriate analysis of the cigarette packaging market

as the saying goes, "seven talents, three costumes", cigarette products are the same. Good packaging can not only win the favor of more customers and consumers, but also open up greater market space for cigarette products. However, in recent years, the packaging of some domestic cigarette products is too luxurious, which far exceeds the function of packaging. The author believes that this practice not only raises the production cost of cigarette products, but also causes a certain degree of waste. Therefore, appropriate packaging of cigarette products should be advocated

first of all, the appropriate packaging of cigarettes is the need of building an energy-saving society and energy-saving enterprises, and it is the concrete embodiment of safeguarding national interests and consumer interests. Cigarette manufacturers pay too much attention to cigarette packaging, which will inevitably increase unnecessary investment in technology, materials, funds and other aspects, resulting in a waste of resources. If the cigarette is more important for the operators to see whether it can help your personal safety, and the production enterprise adopts the appropriate packaging form according to the market demand, it can reduce the production cost of cigarette products, improve the economic benefits of the enterprise, and reduce the burden of consumers. This is a good thing for the country, consumers and enterprises themselves

secondly, moderate cigarette packaging is the need for Chinese cigarettes to stabilize the domestic market and open up foreign markets. At present, most foreign cigarette products focus on improving the design level of packaging and reducing the packaging cost. Cigarette packaging costs in some developed countries account for only about 15% of the production costs, while some cigarette packaging costs in China account for 25% to 40% of the production costs. Amway materials is expected to "appear" in the volleyball match of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. In this regard alone, it has lost its cost advantage to compete with foreign cigarettes

in the face of fierce competition in domestic and international markets, domestic cigarette manufacturers should attach great importance to the appropriate packaging of cigarettes and strive to reduce packaging costs, so as to promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's tobacco industry

source: Oriental Tobacco news

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