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Transformation of the sizing roller control system of S422 sizing machine

the pneumatic control of the pre sizing roller of zuke S422 sizing machine used by Anhui Yuhua Textile Co., Ltd. has the following problems:

(1) during the operation of the machine, as long as the manual switch is toggled, the operator will lift the digital sizing roller if he sees it wrong, and the machine will stop due to the S10 of the pressure switch

(2) if the control air pipe breaks or leaks at the joint, and the air pressure decreases, the two position five-way valve cannot work accurately, so that the grouting roller cannot be lifted completely, and seriously, it can also cause the work failure of other control valves in the system, or even stop; "In the two years from 2015 to 2017, there are four such control air circuits, especially in the double pulp tank sizing machine, which is more obvious.

(3) due to the poor working environment of the pulp tank, it is easy to cause the conversion of the two position five way valve to be inflexible, sometimes even at the working pressure (6.5 × 105Pa) can not improve the working efficiency and work normally

changing this gas path control to circuit control (see Figure 1) has better effect and lower transformation cost

in the transformation, it is only necessary to change the manual on-off valve to a pair of normally open manual switches with electric shock, and the two position five-way valve to solenoid valve Y1. However, it is necessary to adjust the two air pipes from solenoid valve Y1 to the cylinder at the air outlet of the solenoid valve, so that when the manual switch is pushed down, the solenoid valve Y1 and solenoid coil work, and the pre press roller is pressed down. In the actual wiring, just connect the line on the right of the dotted line in Figure 1

the working principle after the transformation is: when the machine is ready to run, first toggle the manual switch S4 downward to make the solenoid valve Y1 work, the pre grouting roller is pressed down, and at the same time, the pressure switch S10 is closed, and the machine is ready to run; When the start button S2 is pressed, the slow contactor K1 is closed, and the contactor K3 is closed, and the machine operates at a slow displacement and a constant speed. At this time, when the start button S3 is pressed, the constant speed contactor K2 is closed, and the machine increases by 21.25% year-on-year, and the machine changes from slow speed to constant speed. Since K3 is engaged, solenoid valve Y1 will still work no matter whether the machine is slow or constant speed, or whether manual switch S4 is toggled; In other words, the press roller cannot be lifted during the operation of the machine. Only when the machine stops running, the manual switch S4 can lift the press roller

for Zuk sizing machine, this transformation method is suitable for both pre sizing mechanism and main sizing mechanism

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