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Moderate packaging of corrugated boxes and its practical scheme (IV)

v. moderate packaging scheme of corrugated boxes look at the measures to curb excessive packaging with the example of moderate packaging of corrugated boxes

(I) carton reduction and convenient packaging

when designing, pay attention to that the packaging box should be able to be opened and closed, folded and stacked in a flat shape, and the whole is convenient for combination operation; The portable part is firm and durable; The volume shall be as small as possible during transportation, which can reduce costs and improve transportation efficiency

1. The design of packaging structure is simple and reasonable, which is conducive to folding, opening and closing, folding and storage, such as the design of various convenient cartons. Easy to open packing cases and simple portable, etc

2. Low cost. Convenient packaging uses less raw materials, and renewable cardboard can be used to make simple cartons and cartons

from a long-term perspective, we should design packaging around the purpose of environmental protection, which is also a plan for human ecosystem, and try not to cause excessive demand and waste of resources. Boutique and convenience are not contradictory. Convenient packaging can not only reduce costs, but also protect the environment. The appropriate use of simple design and low consumption design is a change in consumption concepts, but also the development of market circulation. Packaging design is to guide and lead people's consumption under this situation

many countries in the world advocate that the utilization of thermoplastic materials is limited to small parts, and "moderate" packaging is guided, and packaging reduction is regarded as an important measure to realize green packaging. This new idea is also known as "green design". The awareness of packaging reduction has been strengthened, and packaging reduction can reduce waste, so it is the recognized preferred way of packaging greening. This awareness has been strengthened in China in recent years, and many reduced packaging products have been designed; For example, improve the material properties, make the bottled container light-weight and thin-walled while improving the strength, and use the double arch composite corrugated cardboard to ensure the strength of the carton and reduce the thickness of the cardboard by 30%; For example, for the transportation and packaging of many products, the material consumption is greatly saved by improving the packaging structure and cushion design

(II) the principle of low gram weight, high strength and light weight

light weight base paper with low gram weight and high strength provides a new solution to curb excessive packaging

the practical experience of many enterprises shows that the application of low gram weight and high-strength base paper can not only ensure the compressive strength of cartons, but also reduce the amount of base paper, improve the elongation of some materials used per unit, which can be above 1000%, and reduce the carton cost. Therefore, it is particularly favored by end-user enterprises. By changing the design of the box type and changing the five layer box into the three-layer box, the packaging cost can be effectively reduced by 5% - 15%. Save paper consumption and storage space. Considering that the market price of face paper and lining paper is significantly higher than that of core paper and corrugated paper, the gram weight of face paper and lining paper should be appropriately reduced and the gram weight of core paper and corrugated paper should be increased, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of paperboard and improving the bursting resistance of paperboard and other performance indicators. For carton enterprises making household appliance packaging, on the basis of ensuring the quality of cartons, try to reduce the weight of base paper, which can not only win user orders, but also reduce product costs

(III) advantages of micro corrugated

because micro corrugated packaging materials such as Peek (polyether ether ketone) or Pai (polyamide imide) resin can operate under high temperature, high speed and high pressure at the same time, it has the advantages of high compressive strength, exquisite printing and so on, which has been recognized by users, and the dosage is steadily increasing. At present, domestic enterprises apply e-corrugated more. For example, large enterprises such as Siemens have put forward the requirement of using smaller corrugated such as g-corrugated

1. Micro corrugated packaging saves 178 malleable iron parts by 20%. Compared with solid cardboard, micro corrugated boxes with low gram weight and high strength have better cost performance, so the packaging cost is more economical and reasonable. Under the same use conditions, micro corrugated packaging is in line with the current development trend of "lightweight" packaging because of its low gram weight and high strength

2. The compression resistance and bursting resistance are more prominent. While reducing the cost, micro corrugated packaging also ensures the superior performance of cartons in other aspects. Compared with large corrugated packaging such as b-corrugated, micro corrugated packaging has lower corrugated height, more corrugated number per unit area, denser corrugated types, and stronger structure. Therefore, when using the same base paper and the same pressure, it has more obvious advantages in terms of pressure bearing strength and buffer capacity against parallel pressure. For example, the rupture strength of e-corrugated packaging box can reach 11kg/cm2. Generally, the pressure bearing capacity of the outer packaging of paper products is at least times greater than the weight of the packaging

(IV) reuse of packaging waste

reuse of packaging waste also plays a significant role. The waste corrugated board and corner board are processed into packaging seats, liners, jackets, etc. through the subsequent processing procedures (mainly pasting, cutting and molding), which replace EPS foam. With its low cost and excellent effect, it has become a new highlight to reduce the packaging cost, realize the further reduction of the packaging cost, and improve the packaging quality at the same time

the United States, Japan and other industrialized countries vigorously promote "moderate packaging" and reduce "excessive packaging" in commodity packaging. Many large companies take the reduction of packaging as the goal of their work. For example, Panasonic electric company requires to reduce the consumption of EPS buffer material by 30% within two years. China is also actively developing substitutes for foaming agents, choosing natural cellulose and lignin as raw materials to replace EPS, and researching and developing the structure of pulp reinforcer and corrugated board, so as to improve the strength of packaging paper and paperboard, reduce the thickness of paperboard, and realize the reduction of packaging

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