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Modern technology and functional concept of insulating glass

insulating glass is in the middle of two or more pieces of glass, with aluminum frame or adhesive strip injected with desiccant to separate the glass, and the surrounding is sealed with adhesive method. The hollow part has the effect of reducing the thermal conductivity, so the insulating glass has the function of energy saving and sound insulation, so as to achieve the automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature energy of the sample

modern technology of insulating glass

in the initial stage of the development of insulating glass, insulating glass made by either fusion or welding method has completely different structural characteristics from insulating glass made by bonding method now

now the bonding method has special PAN based carbon fiber, which is the mainstream of the carbon fiber market. Some cavity air drying systems make the insulating glass achieve the performance of heat preservation and sound insulation. The production of the bonding method improves the structure and process of the insulating glass, thus deriving products such as multilayer insulating glass, Low-E insulating glass and insulating glass filled with inert gas in the cavity

with the application of new technologies and materials, the U value (or K value) of heat transfer coefficient, an important performance index of insulating glass, has been continuously optimized

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