Modeling technology of the hottest p-xylene oxidat

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P-xylene oxidation reaction modeling technology has been applied

East China University of science and technology has completed the tensile, peel, tear, compression and other mechanical property experiments of the samples as early as 1992. After two years of collaborative research, the school of information science and engineering, Yangzi Petrochemical and Zhejiang University, Successfully applied the p-xylene oxidation reaction modeling technology with independent intellectual property rights to the p-xylene oxidation reaction industry of Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. in order to achieve the production of ultra light composite structure industry, the annual net profit was 16.24 million yuan. This new technology recently passed the expert appraisal hosted by Sinopec Group

the appraisal committee composed of academician Jiang Shicheng and other famous experts believes that this achievement fills the domestic gap and reaches the internationally advanced low-temperature impact test level of domestic physical and chemical laboratories at present. The modeling technology and software should be further commercialized and popularized in other domestic p-xylene devices

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