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Modern new concept of commodity packaging

in our daily life, the relationship between food and our human beings is the closest, and the accompanying food packaging has already entered thousands of households. Today, whether you walk into stores, supermarkets or our families, you can see beautifully designed, practical and convenient food packaging everywhere. It is inconceivable how food would be delivered to every consumer without packaging. With the increasing improvement of people's consumption level and scientific and technological level, and the continuous development of new products, the requirements for food packaging are also getting higher and higher

The rapid development of food packaging has not only enriched people's life, but also gradually changed people's lifestyle. At the same time, food packaging is also the best embodiment of the scientific level of each era, the most common living standard, design level and cultural background. The more developed countries are, the higher the packaging rate of goods is. It is a mirror to measure a country's economic development level. After the reform and opening up, China's food packaging industry has developed rapidly and has become an important industry of the national economy. At the same time, it is also a high-tech and high intelligent industrial field. With the development of the times, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of food and packaging, more and more styles, and stronger technicality, which puts forward higher and newer requirements for our personnel engaged in packaging design, which is also the necessity of the development of the times

first, the new concept of modern food packaging

since the emergence of human society, food packaging has been associated with it. As early as the primitive society, people should consult the standard in detail. Linear grating ruler or resistance strain gauge: in order to store food and water during the three-point zigzag experiment, various pottery made with mud, bags sewn with animal skins, baskets woven with vines, etc. are the earliest prototype of food packaging. Modern food packaging refers to the use of appropriate packaging materials, containers and packaging technology to wrap food, so that food can maintain its value and original state during transportation and storage. Food packaging is a system engineering with food as the core. It involves a series of problems such as food science, food packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging technology, standard rules and quality control. It is a comprehensive applied science

food is a special commodity in our daily life. At present, there are two kinds of nutritional cold and hot shock test boxes, which are extremely important for hygiene. The moving beam automatically stops moving, but it is very easy to deteriorate. Therefore, the main purpose of food packaging is to ensure the hygienic quality, quality and flavor of food as a commodity in the process of storage, transportation and circulation. As an additive of products, food packaging has become an integral part of commodities, which is inseparable from commodities and occupies a significant position in modern market strategy. At the same time, as the main means of market competition, it can improve the added value of goods. It has become an important part of enterprise marketing strategy. It plays the role of silent salesperson in supermarkets. The image of food packaging directly reflects the brand and corporate image. It plays a vital role in creating famous brands and establishing a good corporate image. In the market competition, it is the bridge between enterprises and consumers

Second, the new lifestyle and modern consumption concept have greatly enriched modern food packaging

modern social life is inseparable from packaging, and the development of packaging has also profoundly changed and affected modern social life. Modern food packaging design is influenced by the development of modern new products, modern consumption, marketing competition, modern communication culture and the spirit of the times. First of all, the variety, quality and taste of modern products have been constantly developing, and many new products have emerged. Food is becoming series, convenient, safe, casual and beneficial to physical and mental health, and the form is becoming lighter, shorter and smaller. In foreign countries, some large supermarkets have more than 100000 varieties of goods. The continuous development of products has put forward corresponding new topics for packaging design, prompting people to continue to research and develop. Secondly, the change and maturity of consumption concept and the improvement of consumption ability make every consumer have independent consumption consciousness, no longer blindly follow the consumption market, and have the ability to enjoy life independently. Consumption concept is directly affected by cultural thoughts and consumption education. The development of the times has brought new demands for today's mass consumption life. New changes have taken place in people's cultural level and values, especially the middle-aged and young people who are the main consumer groups in society. They have diverse and changeable consumption needs in both material and spiritual aspects. From material to spiritual, cultural soft consumption is constantly improving, which has increasingly become a development trend. Now we have entered a new consumption era. In addition to ordinary daily consumption, modern people pursue more "tourism consumption", "leisure consumption", "health consumption", "gift consumption" and so on. People pay more attention to quality, taste and taste in food, and they can get a kind of spiritual enjoyment while eating. The continuous emergence of a large number of nutritious food, convenience food, quick-frozen and refrigerated food, health food, green food and various Chinese and Western fast food has brought endless convenience and benefits to today's fast-paced urban youth and office workers. In addition, the introduction of a large number of foreign food enriches the domestic market, but also puts forward a new topic for our packaging designers, that is, we should pay more attention to design, make the commodity structure more reasonable, so that people can fully enjoy the comfort and convenience brought by high technology

III. The development of modern science and technology has further improved the level of modern food packaging

1 The development of modern technology

every new reform is the result of high-tech progress. Constantly pursue higher and newer scientific and technological content, so that food packaging to a new level

high tech and intelligent production facilities will continue to promote the development of packaging technology. The application of new process flow, automation and computer integration will provide more and newer design ideas for food packaging. Modern new superb printing and plate making technology provides a guarantee for the perfect effect of all links of packaging. Art and science and technology are combined more closely, interacting and restricting each other. The breakthrough of science and technology plays an important role in modern food packaging. As a designer, we should be able to be familiar with new processes and technologies, and make full use of the achievements brought by new technologies

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