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Notice of the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology on promoting the accelerated development of industrial interconnection notice of the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology on promoting the accelerated development of industrial interconnection notice of the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology on promoting the accelerated development of industrial interconnection notice of the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and cities specifically designated in the state plan The competent departments of industry and information technology of municipalities directly under the central government and cities specifically designated in the state plan, Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, the communication administration bureaus of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, China Telecom Group Co., Ltd., China Mobile Communication Group Co., Ltd., China United Network Communication Group Co., Ltd. and China Radio and television network Co., Ltd, The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. accelerating the construction of new infrastructure

(I) transforming and upgrading the internal and external networks of industrial interconnection. We will promote the construction of basic telecommunications enterprises with high-quality services covering all cities in China, and create 20 excellent service cases outside the industrial interconnection of enterprises. Encourage industrial enterprises to upgrade and upgrade industrial interconnection, build 10 benchmark networks, and promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial interconnection among 100 leading enterprises in key industries and 1000 local backbone enterprises. All localities are encouraged to organize in-depth docking and cooperation between industrial enterprises and basic telecommunications enterprises, and use 5g to transform industrial interconnection. Build a high-quality park network and lead the integration and innovation of 5g technology in vertical industries

(II) strengthen and improve the industrial interconnection identification system. The administrative measures for the analysis of industrial interconnection signs were issued. Enhance the functions of five top-level nodes and start the construction of two disaster recovery nodes in Nanjing and Guiyang. More than 20 secondary nodes for identification analysis will be built for vertical industries, with a new identification registration volume of 2 billion, expand the coverage of networking identification, and further enhance the support capacity of network basic resources

(III) improve the core competence of industrial interconnection platform. Guide the platform to enhance the support capabilities of 5g, artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality/virtual reality and other new technologies, and strengthen the digital function integration of the whole process, such as design, production, operation and maintenance, instrument operators should carefully browse and understand the protection, maintenance and management of cold and hot shock testing machine. Select 10 cross industry and cross domain platforms and develop 50 key industry/regional platforms. Promote the key platforms to support an average of 200 industrial agreements, 800000 industrial equipment connections and 2500 industrial apps

(IV) build industrial interconnected big data center. Accelerate the construction of national industrial interconnection big data centers, and encourage all localities to build industrial interconnection big data sub centers. Establish a cooperation and sharing mechanism for industrial interconnection data resources, preliminarily realize the data collection, aggregation and application of key regions and industries, and improve the ability of industrial interconnection infrastructure and data resource management

II. Accelerate the expansion of integrated and innovative applications

(V) actively use industrial interconnection to promote the resumption of work and production. Give full play to the connection advantages of all elements, the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain of industrial interconnection, and encourage local industrial and information authorities and enterprises to use industrial interconnection to share information, technology, production capacity and orders, so as to realize the accurate allocation and efficient docking of cross regional and cross industry resources. Encourage large enterprises, large platforms and solution providers to provide free industrial app services for small and medium-sized enterprises

(VI) deepen the application of industrial interconnection industry. Encourage all localities to combine advantageous industries, strengthen the integration and innovation of industrial interconnection in key industries of the national economy such as equipment, machinery, automobile, energy, electronics, metallurgy, petrochemical and mining, highlight differentiated development, and form a development model with different emphases and characteristics. Guide all localities to summarize practical experience and formulate industry application guidelines in vertical segmentation fields

(VII) promote enterprises to go to cloud platforms. Promote enterprises to accelerate the cloud migration of industrial equipment and business systems. Accelerate the development and application of cloud software for various scenarios, strengthen the popularization of digital tools for small and medium-sized enterprises, reduce the threshold of enterprise digitization, and accelerate the process of digital transformation

(VIII) accelerate the pilot demonstration and popularization of industrial interconnection. About 100 industrial interconnection pilot demonstration projects were selected. Encourage the improvement of the industrial system of copper based new materials, and copy each demonstration project to more than two relevant enterprises to form a driving effect of multi-point radiation, amplification and multiplication. Build a number of industrial interconnection experience and promotion centers. Evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot demonstration and prepare a collection of excellent pilot demonstration and promotion cases

III. speed up the improvement of the safety guarantee system

(IX) establish a hierarchical safety management system for enterprises. We will issue guidelines for the classification and classification of network safety of industrial interconnected enterprises, formulate standards for safety protection systems, carry out pilot projects for the classification and classification of industrial interconnected enterprises, form a list of key enterprises, and implement differentiated management

(x) improve the safety technology monitoring system. Expand the monitoring scope of national platforms, continue to build and improve provincial security platforms, upgrade the monitoring system of basic telecommunications enterprises, gather data from key platforms and key enterprises, cover 150 key platforms and more than 100000 industrial interconnected enterprises, strengthen comprehensive analysis, and improve the ability to support government decision-making and ensure enterprise safety

(XI) improve the safety working mechanism. Improve the handling, inspection and detection mechanism of enterprise safety information notification, carry out on-site inspection and remote detection for more than 20 typical platforms and industrial enterprises, urge and guide enterprises to improve their safety level, and carry out detection and analysis for more than 100 industrial apps to enhance app safety

(XII) strengthen the innovation of safety technology products. Encourage enterprises to innovate safety products and scheme design, and select more than 10 typical products or best practices. We will increase support for the research and development of network safety products and technological breakthroughs, and strengthen industrial collaborative innovation. Guide the network security public service platform to provide high-quality and efficient security services for small and medium-sized enterprises

IV. accelerate the growth of innovation and development momentum

(XIII) accelerate the construction of industrial interconnection innovation and development project. Speed up the construction progress of projects under construction, increase the opening of new projects, and finally achieve economic and commercial production. Promote the early acceptance of qualified projects, and give priority to the selection of subsequent pilot demonstration projects. Reserve a number of key projects with large investment scale and strong driving ability. Local competent departments of industry and information technology shall, together with the communications administration, strengthen supervision and management, compact the main body of the undertaking unit, and ensure the high-quality completion of the project construction

(XIV) deeply implement 5g + industrial interconnection 512 project. Guide various entities to build five public service platforms, build innovation carriers, and provide enterprises with services such as industrial interconnection internal transformation design, consulting, testing, verification and so on. Select five key industries for integrated development, mine 10 typical application scenarios, and summarize and form a sustainable, replicable and replicable innovation model and development path

(XV) enhance the supply capacity of key technology products. Relevant units are encouraged to speed up technological breakthroughs in time sensitive networks, edge computing, industrial intelligence and other fields, build key software and hardware products such as intelligent sensing, intelligent customs, protocol conversion, industrial mechanism model library and industrial software, and speed up the deployment and application. Build a number of public service platforms for industrial interconnection technology, and strengthen the incubation and industrialization support of key technology products

v. accelerate the improvement of industrial ecological layout

(XVI) promote the coordinated development of industrial interconnected regions. Encourage all localities to create a number of demonstration areas with complementary industrial advantages, significant synergy and strong radiation driving ability in combination with regional characteristics and industrial advantages. We will continue to promote the construction of the demonstration area for the integrated development of industrial interconnection in the Yangtze River Delta

(XVII) enhance the ability of industrial interconnection and industrial clusters. Guide the industrial interconnection industry demonstration base to further focus on the main industry, cultivate and introduce leading industrial interconnection enterprises, accelerate the improvement of the supporting capacity of new infrastructure and the leading capacity of integrated innovation, expand and strengthen the leading industrial chain, improve the supporting industrial chain, and expand the industrial supply capacity. Encourage all localities to integrate advantageous resources, gather innovative elements, and cultivate industrial interconnected industrial clusters with regional advantages

(XVIII) organize industrial activities at a high level. Coordinate local differences and carry out activities related to industrial interconnection. Expand the industrial interconnection industry alliance, hold industrial summits, and release the economic development report of industrial interconnection industry. Carry out high-quality events and activities related to industrial interconnection big data, industrial app, solutions and safety, and organize high-quality courses and training on national industrial interconnection online

VI. increase policy support

(XIX) improve the level of factor guarantee. All localities are encouraged to include industrial interconnection enterprises in the scope of local policies to support the war epidemic and resumption of work and production, bring the application of new technologies based on 5g and logo analysis into the scope of Enterprise Cloud policy support, and expand the preferential policy of 5g electricity price to the field of 5g + industrial interconnection. Encourage all localities to guide social capital to set up industrial interconnection industry funds. Build an industrial interconnection talent training base

(XX) carry out industrial monitoring and evaluation. Build an industrial interconnection operation monitoring platform and an operation monitoring system. Establish an industrial interconnection evaluation system, regularly evaluate the development effectiveness, and publish the industrial interconnection development index. The undertaking unit of industrial interconnection innovation and development project, pilot demonstration project unit and industrial interconnection industry demonstration base should actively participate in the construction of monitoring system and evaluation system

General Office of the Ministry of industry and information technology

March 6, 2020


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